From Dust: The Best Game You Haven't Played

From Dust was released Wednesday as part of the Summer of Arcade on Xbox Live. Created by Ubisoft, From Dust is a strategy / puzzle game that gives players God-like abilities. Unlike other games that are considered God games, From Dust doesn't give you full control over the people, but rather it gives you control over the environment. Manipulate land, water, and lava in order to transform the canvas into an area that is capable of allowing the villagers to survive and thrive.

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lostinplace2728d ago

This game is awesome. Great review.

xxxAnubisxxx2728d ago

I haven't played it... But will soon

HK62728d ago

Beating the whole story mode is well worth your time.

rabidpancakeburglar2728d ago

Played the demo, need the money to get it now.