Battlefield 3 3DS: Probably Another Average Portable First Person Shooter (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): For the past couple of weeks, we've waited for Electronic Arts to prove the existence of Battlefield 3 for Nintendo's 3DS. A screen, a video, a soldier giving a big thumbs up...anything to put our minds at ease.

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Venox20082637d ago

they can achieve a good shooter on 3DS with a not bad graphics, good online too that supports 8 players at least.. I want to know what 3DS is really capable of, but I think we'll see true it's gfx in about 3-4 years...maybe...

..please Dice, make a good FPS for 3DS, not a spin- of, not a rail shooter, add nice 3DS effects..and you'll have some nice profit, I think.. it doesn't need second analog, we have a good and accurate touch screen and gyroscope.. It would be nice that you could change controls in options (for some who like touch screen, others = gyroscope and/or accelometer, third = only button controls, at least first two please :)))

Technical World2637d ago

Of course, i don't know why people are compaining about 3DS's graphics compared to Vita. First off compare SSF4 to SFXT on Vita they both look amazing. And a system never shows the true power of it's graphics within the first year.

Technical World2637d ago

Have you seen Super Street Fighter 4? Console ports don't turn out bad for the 3DS. Graphics aren't HD but still pretty good and SSF4 managed to keep all stages and characters. It's not an FPS but I'd imagine most things could be kept intact if they downscaled in the proper places.