2011 Is A Disappointing Year For Video Games… So Far

SG - While every year could be declared the “best year” or “worst year” in video games, based on bias, taste and whomever is paying you to write the post, in my humble opinion, this year is damn disappointing. Not only are there not very many blockbusters, there has been a ton of absolute crap released. Why is this year so disappointing? Read on and be… well, be disappointed.

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gravemaker2636d ago

pretty stupid articles. Theres lot of good games in 2011 released, also they forgot bunch of pc games like Sims:Medieval (best sims eva)

ultrapepe2636d ago

bubbles to you good sir

Gray-Fox-Type02636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Portal 2 Destroyed everything released this year so far, what is this article talking about? end of this year we got great games!

Little big planet 2 was also a great title!!!

Uncharted 3
Gears Of War 3
Halo CE Anniversary

meetajhu2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Really? Then what about

Killzone 3
Crysis 2
Portal 2
L.A Noire
Dota 2
Uncharted:Golden Abyss
Infamous 2
Mortal Kombat 2011

BattleAxe2636d ago

- Resistance 3
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
- Dead Island

thugbob2636d ago


KZ3 is a disappointment.

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DaTruth2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

2011 Is A Disappointing Year For Video Games… So Far... If you don't own a PS3!


@disagreers: Please provide a list; the PS3 owners above and below are having no problems with that!

JellyJelly2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I don't own a PS3 and I still think it's great. I own a 360 and games like L.A Noire, Dirt 3, Portal 2, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat and Homefront(the multiplayer) have kept me busy. :)

Not to mention the XBLA games. Best year so far. Trenched, Ms.Splosion Man, Bastion, From Dust and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (and soon Crimson Alliance). Five top rated games in less than 2 months. I can't afford, and don't have time to play all of them. I still haven't finished Torchlight.

Ducky2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Here's a list then.
DoW2 Retribution

Just a few games I've enjoyed this year so far.

Not that a list matters anyways, as the article is about how some hyped games failed to deliver, not the actual quantity of games, since there's been enough high-quality multiplats to dent most healthy wallets anyways.

TheDivine2635d ago


From Dust
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Crysis 2
La Noir
Portal 2
Child of Eden

just some of the games ive had and will get for my 360 thats sitting right next to my ps3 lol. I feel sorry for you guys who only play 25% of the good games out there and think your gamings master race lol. Too cheap to pop a 100 bucks and play all the good ones you missed until now, FOR SHAME!!!

I did enjoy kz3 and a few psn games. Still need to rent in2 and socom 4 for the campaign. Overall though the best games so far imo are crysis 2 and portal 2. Best year ever with rage, deus ex, skyrim, dark souls, r3, un3, gears 3, halo ce its friggn epic and il be catching up on games all next year still.

thorstein2636d ago

"2011 Is a Disappointing Year For Video Games...JOURNALISM."

Nothing but rubbish coming from these purported "journos." Trolls with credentials more like .

DaTruth2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

What ever gave you the idea they had credentials? Why do you think they have no problem writing articles with no facts and poor editing to destroy their credibility? - You have to have some to destroy it!

TBM2636d ago

not for me i enjoyed every game ive gotten this year so far. so sarcasticgamer you can go stuff it.


infamous 2, killzone 3, and crysis 2 were stellar. Socom 4 is alot of fun too.

There is always going to be shit games though. Homefront and duke nukwad are both good examples.

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CynicalVision2636d ago

Infamous 2 single handedly made this a great year for me.

NotSoSilentBob2636d ago

Infamous 2
Killzone 3
Yakuza 4

Doesn't seem like a disappointing year to this Ps3 owner.

newleaf2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Lol good one, killzone 3 ha ha...oh wait, you were being serious? #thatawkwardmoment
May as well throw in socom and move heroes then

NotSoSilentBob2635d ago


I suggest you actually open your eyes and try games for yourself instead of listening to the other internet trolls. You might actually like what your own eyes tell you instead of what other people try to preach about.

TheOldOne2636d ago

2011 Is A Disappointing Year For Xbox 360… So Far

There you go title fixed.

TyrionL2635d ago

"2011 Is A Disappointing Year For Xbox 360… So Far, If you’re a fanboy, discredit multi-plats, and have nothing better to do then go on the internet and bash a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE that you don't own"

There I fixed it for you.

HostileGamer2636d ago

Pretty awesome if you ask me...

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