World of Warcraft, You Are In Trouble

World of Warcraft has been the reigning king on the MMO throne. They've been threatened to be knocked down, but lately it's starting to look more possible than ever.

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jmobley2686d ago

look out WoW here comes SWtOR

pungello882686d ago

I know, it could be great if its done right

JakePayne2686d ago

Or will it just be another rock against WoW's armor

Nadasico2685d ago

In my opinion from what I've seen Swtor isn't really doing all that much new in the way of gameplay. An as nice as a gazillion lines of speech are. If its just the same old thing wrapped in a prettier rapper then that's not saying much. I will give final judgement on the matter once I've played it. As of now the only mmo I am looking forward to is Guild Wars 2. For the fact that they are breaking so many of the trends mmo's have suffered since their inception.

contra1572686d ago

I don't know how this game is still relevant

JakePayne2686d ago

It is a wonder. Its been around for a VERY long time