Battlefield 3 has an online pass, sort of

DICE's executive producer Patrick Bach says the extra $10 second-hand buyers will have to pay is for backend costs. Is he trying to suggest that it costs DICE $10 to create server space for everyone that plays online? Shouldn't EA be trying to distance themselves from Activision-esque business practices as much as possible?

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Merivigian2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

This shouldn't be a surprise. Everybody's doing this now. I already assumed that they had something like this.

Crazyglues2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Yeah BFBC2 had this, as long as you buy the game new it's not a problem...

This really is just designed to help stop the used Games nightmare Gamestop was creating... -(where they would be selling a used copy of the game for a few dollars less right next to the brand new copies, there by hurting new game sales)

So you can still buy the game used but now add on ten dollars if you want to go online, and with that you might as well have just bought it new, because if it's only a little cheaper then new, it will end up costing you more as you will then need to pay 10 to get online..


Yi-Long2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

... that others in your household can't take the game online. That just sucks. there is a chance with many games (not Battlefield) that as a result of the online-pass, online will now die out even quicker than before.

nanometric2730d ago

Going by your word, it seems that gamestop is actually discouraging used games sales, if they are seling them just few bucks shy of new copies. I only buy used if the difference is atleast some 15$, otherwise I see no point and I imagine that most do the same. Why would you want to buy a used game to save measly 5$?

If you tried to make an argument about how gamestop is making a killing by buying low and selling high, then it's buisness 101 and has nothing to do with developers.

And about all this used game sales are hurting dev's - Home taping is killing music, anyone?

StanLee2730d ago

So it's fair that I buy a game for $60 and still have to pay $10 each for my two brothers to play online as well? Okay, I see how some of you think. SMH!

Crazyglues2730d ago

@ StanLee

Of course not, I don't know what the problem was but I think it's fixed now.. people on the same PS3 should Not have to pay again to play online, That key should have installed when you bought new and be on the PS3 allowing anyone on that PS3 to get on for free...

(I understand Dice was having a problem with it in the beginning but I think it is working now) -as a friend confirmed his little brother plays for free under his account..

So I'm not sure what happened I don't work at DICE or EA so I don't know why this was not working but all I was saying is this should not be a problem if the game is bought new..

I have fightnight another EA title, and Need for speed, and again had no problem with other people playing Online on their acct on the PS3...

So all I was saying is when it is working right this should not be a problem....

Clearly you can understand why a company would do this, GameStop is selling a used copy of the game they just bought from the consumer for low let's say 34 bucks and selling it for 54 bucks used.. when new is 59.95 -Consumers just see that it is cheaper and buy the cheaper one..

Moms or grandparents buying a game for a kid don't know nothing about online so cheaper is cheaper to them.. so they buy a used, a gamer trying to save is picking up that used even if it's just a little less.. to them less is less..

Now that kills game sales, because you just cost the company a brand new sale by re-selling a copy that already sold.. Now of course this happens on ebay and stuff, but when a big retailer is doing it like GAMESTOP that's just ridiculous, if you can't see that, then I can't explain it to you..

GameStop is all over now if you take that one store and do that at every store, that add's up, so a game that could sell 7 million copies does 4 million..

that's 3 million copies of revenue lost.. that's huge when your game cost 60 million to make and you need to make that back and then make a good profit to keep making games and make the next one better then the last..

So no Lee it's not fair what happened to you, and you should call EA and get a credit or a fix for your problem, but this is not how it is suppose to work.. it should still be free for anyone on that PS3 to play Online


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Hanif-8762730d ago

I say put it in every game thats developed. Why shouldn't developers get rewarded for all their hard work? If a game is purchased "Used" they don't get a cent and if the game does poor sales no more for you.

JokesOnYou2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

lol, so Activision inventing ways to bleed gamers for extra $$ with COD Elite is evil, but EA inventing clever ways to money grab from gamers is "just business" on n4g.

pfft....both are just as bad, glad I dont have any intention of paying for elite, and the bottom line is EA or any dev isnt owed anything beyond the original sell just like any other business. *GOOD game devs are making plenty, the ones who fail are either subpar devs, or those who rested on laurels and made poor financial decisions. The used game market has existed for 20+ years with, the *GOOD devs and studios making a healthy profit, now these greedy companies are spreading FUD and outright lies to shake gamers down for even more $$, dlc is one thing, but when will it be enough? Sad part is will just take it, and make excuses, much like we have done with micro charging for online, Im guilty, love live, I went in this gen with that understanding, but damm any further increases and we have to tell them to stick it on principle...btw I buy all my games new and can easily afford Live.

Urrakia342730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

As many have mentioned before, purchasing the game new will allow you to avoid paying the extra money and therefore it does not affect you. EA is only getting $60 because they can't "money grab" from me since I'm buying it new.

just_looken2730d ago


its 1 activation per id so as soon as you change id's and or loose your account you half to buy another code also this restricts future use of the product.

JokesOnYou2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Yes I buy all my games new but this will effect me as far as the "re-sale" value is concerned should I want to sell it....or do you not think that places like Gamestop or your local Mom&Pop gamestore isn't going to give YOU significantly less for your used game based on the fact that they know the online is limited and the new buyer isn't likely to buy it unless its significantly cheaper so that they can pay for online access? Now again I'm not too worried most of my games I keep forever or long after their worth anything for trade ins, fact is I rarely sell my games unless I hate it or its just too similiar to a current game I have but many gamers aren't as fortunate and they count on selling a game they paid for to buy other games, thus making their hobby affordable, either way I or any gamer who has paid full price for a product should not have that product purposely limited so that its value is diminished in order for the developer/studio to sell more NEW copies, NO a game should sell on its own merits= quality games WILL sell. Sure there are those rare occasions when great games sell poorly, but thats life, but WHY should game developers be special?, either way no other business attatches fail safes or artificial constraints to their product to ensure they make extra profits at the ORIGINAL CONSUMERS EXPENSE= I should only get less for a used product based on its current condition (like new, looks worn, looks old, not because of some artificial DRM). If I buy a music CD, they don't attatch a DRM code to limit the songs if I sell it. If I buy a radio, they don't exclude some radio stations if I sell it. If I buy a ipad, cell phone, a watch, at TV or whatever piece of electronics its originality functionality isn't PURPOSELY limited by the manufacturer/maker/developer so that I will get less money for it if I decide to sell it and so the new user can pay them a few bucks to unlock FM 106.

Urrakia342730d ago

@jokesonyou - Gaming isn't as expensive as many make it seem to be. It is only expensive if you purchase all your games day 1, which in my opinion is not being financially responsible.You can easily find good deals 2-4 weeks after launch and save a good amount of cash. You say that you receive significantly less money by trading in but trading in a game barely gets you about $10 right now. I'd much rather sell to a friend for at least $20.

Also your examples of CDs and radio are invalid because once that sale is made, the company has made its profit and no longer needs to spend anymore money on it. Conversely, video game companies still have to keep using money for server upkeep so that people that purchased their product can continue to use it online.

Again, if you don't want to pay for the online pass just wait a few weeks for a deal to come up and you're good to go. I understand some still won't be able to afford it and it's unfortunate but that's how things go sometimes.

nanometric2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

O, STFU, server upkeep costs are included in the original prices. The guy who bought the game new payed for those servers, do you get it people??? There are no additional expenses if the game changes owners, player count is still the same, unless someone sells pirated copies which you can play online. Technically, it’s a companies responsability to provide online service for ALL sold copies (all of them where once new i.e. sold for $$$ and had online printed on the box) and for the whole duration a servers lifespan. But they are making you think, that a used game owner is somehow the evil leech, that sucks money from them. It’s not that they loose money, it’s that they don’t get more. Simple as that. It’s almost the same argument music companies make, that we lost (insert number) of $$$ due to 1 mil. illegal downloads. But the fact is, maybe 10% of those people would actually bought the music, if it wasn’t for free.

P.S. The first time I agree with you YOU.

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Inside_out2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

What Activision is doing is night and day different. You can buy COD MW3 and it's multi-player and the maps are all including in the game. If you enroll in the CoD Elite system, you will at very least, be given you all the map packs as part of the subscription, plus all the other features, half of which haven't even been announced.

EA is doing no such thing and believe me, they are not done. They will find a way to start there own subs for Battlefield and the fanboys will say it's great.

Activision should launch at the same time as Battlefield 3 and squash them like the parasites that they are...they wouldn't have a chance. It's seems Acti's strategy is to let EA hang for the Battlefield beta, you'll see what a I mean. ;D

Pandamobile2730d ago

You're running out of material.

NatureOfLogic2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

You're still defending EA. It's sad, like I've said before about all the other games with online pass, I will not be buying this game. I will not support online pass. If COD MW3 have this online pass crap, I will not be buying it. DLC, Online pass, Xbox live and PS Plus. Im sick of it all. BF3 is a no buy for me.

Pandamobile2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Cool cus I'm buying the pc version so I don't really have to worry about the online pass stuff.

If you buy the games new it shouldn't be a problem. Devs and publishers don't make a dime off used game sales and when you've invested over a hundred million dollars and almost 5 years of development time you're not going let yourself lose out on that used game market.

You may not agree with it but it's a good strategy.

radphil2730d ago

"Cool cus I'm buying the pc version so I don't really have to worry about the online pass stuff. "

1/2 the stuff everyone deals with doesn't really pertain to PC gaming anyways.

I'm more concerned about them pushing a $60 tag, considering that the industry previous excuse for it being $60 on consoles was licensing fees for the systems.

If that's the case then why do they need to increase $10 more on a PC version?

Pandamobile2730d ago

It's retarded but I don't exactly have a choice do I. I've been looking forward to this game for years

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Urrakia342730d ago

You act as if you will be charged a premium for purchasing the game new. This pass will only affect gamers who buy the game used. If you "enroll" in CoD Elite? Nice euphemism there buddy. Surely you mean if you throw more cash at Activision you will get map packs for "free" and other features that should be free to begin with.

Chocoboh2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

EA is ripping people off, point blank. They've already made their money when they sell their stock and shipped to the stores that sell their copies. This is just a money grab and the only ones that lose are US the consumers especialy when it isn't like the old days anymore where ALL the content would be on the disc not this day-1 DLC shit. Good examples of this are Battlefield:Bad Company 2(maps locked on the disc) and Resident Evil 5(game mode locked on the disc)

Oh but of course it's EA, silly me how times have changed. Of course, go hop on the Battlefield 3 train you Activision haters. At least Activision doesn't shove this day one shit down your throats.

EDIT: I also have to add when a developer makes this following note:

*Oh but hurr durr when a used sale happens we have to buy more servers to compensate.

Wrong dumbasses, you don't lose or gain anything the person that sold his used copy to another person will always be the ONE person that can play that copy. Unless you need extra servers to store people's account information which I would have to question your shitty servers.

Pandamobile2730d ago

*Ahem* Call of Duty Elite

Chocoboh2729d ago

Call of Duty Elite is optional and some aspects of it are free and it covers all of the Call of Duty games for stat tracking/clans. Not to mention it doesn't devalue any aspect on the game. Try again.

Pandamobile2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

The online pass is technically optional too ;)