OXM UK: Why Cortana is the key to Halo 4

"343 Industries talks Rampancy, Forerunners and codpieces."

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aviator1892637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

She's always been one of the more interesting AIs I've seen in games, and the chief's and cortana's chemistry can only be a good thing for Halo 4.

Micro_Sony2637d ago

I hope the chief finds robot suite for Cortana as I would love to play as her in Halo 4.

Convas2637d ago

Rampant Cortana got in some Cryo nookie pre-Halo 4, hence the Chief's missing codpiece.

I'm calling it!

WhiteLightning2637d ago

This is a silly idea but I like her character so much that I wish at the end of the new Halo trilogy she would get her own some strange silly futuristic way.

It's a stupid idea I know but I would really like to play as her in a level but then you remember she's an A.I

aviator1892637d ago

That's actually a pretty good theory. That'd be a nice ending to wrap up the chief's story. Cortana gets a body, and they both seem to like each other tons so I'd definitely support that if it ever came to fruition.

WildArmed2637d ago

Agreed, I'm all for a happy ending.
Even Heroes have the right to dream.

Convas2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Halo 6 ends with Chief carrying Cortana off into the sunset?

Cliche, but would be some pretty epic fan service.

ghaleon19802637d ago

She's gonna get a physical body and then Master Chief and Cortana will bang all the way until Halo 6! Then the following trilogy (7,8,9) will be about Little Master Chief's and little Cortana adventures!!! Isn't this logical!? :)

nano882637d ago

Halo 4 will be the king of the hill in 2012