Die, Motion Controls! The Rise of Scalable Difficulty

Pixels or Death's Jonathon Wilson writes:

"The unfortunate reality is that the video game industry needs motion controls. Or, more appropriately, it needs the impressionable casual-gaming types that motion controls attract. Those guys and girls we’re laughing at, jumping around in front of their television screens playing tennis with a poorly-rendered, swollen-headed midget – those are the next wave of core gamers. There’s a revolution coming, people. We need to prepare for it."

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gumgum992636d ago

but don't you guys wanna be playing with power? :V

mamotte2636d ago

And this is the problem with hardcore kids. They think that the videogames world exists only for them. They cant see another people who plays just for the fun, people without skills trying to play, well something.

They also think that the casual games will make an army and invade their homes, and make'em play'em for hours. Please, if you dont like what you're seeing, dont see it. If you dont like those games, dont buy'em. But leave others play pacefully.

vyke32636d ago

As long as developers don't make hardcore games easier, I couldn't care less about the casuals.

Mr Tretton2636d ago

well vyke3, that's what is happening.

JonathonWilson2636d ago

I think you've got the wrong impression.

I don't have a problem with casual gamers. In the latter half of this article, I specifically offer suggestions for games which would function as a better entry point for people who are trying to get into games who don't have any skill or experience.

My problem is with shovelware shit that just plays off the novelty of motion controls and lowers people's expectations. I want casual gamers to be able to play really good games, and that's what I talk about in the second half.

ZBlacktt2636d ago

Bought the Power Glove when it first came out. Boy was that a hot item back then, lol.