3 Hours With Rage - BioShock Meets Fallout 3

GameXplain Says: "We were invited out to San Francisco last week for an extensive hands-on session with id’s Rage last week and what we discovered while playing surprised us. Yes, we knew to expect something special from the latest in id Software’s long line of games, but we weren’t quite expecting the unique blend of gameplay that Rage presents."

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Kee2636d ago

I didn't like either of those games. So.. this won't be to my taste, I don't think. Giving it a miss, I think. Don't know, I might check it out if there's a demo.

TravUK2636d ago

As awesome as this game is going to be, whoever thought up the names for things in RAGE need to be a bit more original.

The Ark - Brink.
Wellspring - Goodsprings from New Vegas anybody?
As well as a character called Hagar?

Seriously, there are thousands if not millions of nouns in the English language, please find new ones to call things in videogames. It's getting as bad as calling planets/places Pandora in films/games :P

JohnMarston2636d ago

All games are unoriginal.

claw112636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

@ TravUK
I don't think thats really fair, seeing that RAGE was announced back in 2007, before Brink and New Vegas.
That said, I'm looking forward to this game.

bearsfaan2636d ago

Game sounds wicked cool.