Mass Effect 3 Combat 'Like Nothing Else' - Dev

NowGamer - With the war against the Reapers reaching critical point, Mass Effect 3 is more shooter-focused than previous games - which Hudson believes is one of the most significant changes to the series.

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Stealth2k2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

its not an rpg first anymore

Gameinformer had mass effect 2 as a rpg/shooter

Look at there most recent mass effect 3 blurb. Its a shooter/rpg now

they demoted the rpg elements so its not even really one anymore

The Meerkat2632d ago

Just because it doesn't involve inventory shuffling and hours spent selling crap(DA:O) doesn't make it less of an RPG.

GameZenith2632d ago

What about player stats and customization?

Most RPGs gives us deep and expansive character upgrade skills. ME2 only gave us like 4 for each set.

It is clear that Bioware water down the RPG elements to make it appeal to your casual Gears of War type shooter player.

ME3 like ME2 is just going to be another typical shooter with interactive dialog and MINOR RPG elements. Nothing more.

gravemaker2632d ago

if game is a shooter than its not rpg
its not rpg without proper leveling, combat system, branching in dialogues and conseqences, and a hell ton of a loot

strange19862632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )


You make it seem like you've played ME3 and you know this as fact. You might turn out to be correct, but I think I'll wait for more concrete details before I begin to judge.

The branching skill tree and more robust customization options Bioware keeps talking about sound promising, but again, I want to actually see examples of how they work.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32632d ago

I keep telling people ME2 was only, slightly, scaled back of it's rpg elements add that to the fact that the game was set at default with "auto-leveling". If you go into options, you can switch that off and apply your skill points to yourself and your team manually: I had found this out during my second play through. I hope they tweaked the cover system--that was the only thing that annoyed me in the game.

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padz12632d ago

LOL stealth that doesn't mean shit.

Stealth2k2632d ago

That means everything

It means even publications dont view it as an rpg first anymore

DA_SHREDDER2632d ago

they added blind fire?!!!

GameZenith2632d ago

The RPG elements in ME3 better be like "nothing else"

Blacktric2632d ago

LOL at the crybabies who don't know crap about what an RPG is. Keep spewing crap like you always do you small minded haters. One of the best RPGs will make it's triumphant return in March 2012 to make you cry once again.

Stealth2k2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I dont think you know what an rpg is and what a third person shooter with rpg elements is

@ below

Even they said they are cutting the rpg elements. Thats fact dude. And if choices were all there was than everything would be an rpg. I can make a choice in every single game.

Thats not what makes an rpg.

"creating a character or just wearing/customizing the armor, but by making choices that matters"

this isnt an rpg either. I can create a character in fighting games and making choices about armor and fighting and everything

choice doesnt make an rpg

Blacktric2632d ago

I don't think you don't even know what the heck you're talking about at all. I've been playing RPG games more than enough to know what they are. If a game gives you tons of choices, including small scale ones, that effects the outcome of the series let alone the game, that means that game is an RPG. Having shooter elements, like GeOW style cover doesn't change the fact that you're deciding which way you want to play. Not just on the surface side by creating a character or just wearing/customizing the armor, but by making choices that matters. And Mass Effect games does it better than any RPG out there. Not everyone is stuck in 1999, which is the time of isometric RPG's with D20 battle system. You might like those games, but don't ever call Mass Effect (including 3) a shooter with RPG elements without knowing what the heck are you talking about.

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