Almost exactly 4 years on, id's Rage is 'basically done'

CVG - Almost four years to the day after id's apocalyptic shooter Rage was first announced, the developer's said the game is finally "basically done".

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Persistantthug2636d ago

So far, I see a Fallout-Borderlands rip.

That's what I've seen.

multipayer2636d ago

Sir, you have no taste. There is a thousand other projects more deserving of your ridicule. Including the 3+ sequels your buying later this year...

Persistantthug2636d ago

I've seen nothing that I haven't seen before.
I literally have seen nothing truly awesome here.

When I see that, I'll gladly acknowledge it.

DigitalRaptor2636d ago

The only thing Fallout and Borderlands have to show is that they came out first and for all their similarities, they're actually quite different games. You say you've seen everything before, but have you seen it all together in a cohesive, polished package?

They haven't even revealed everything the game has to offer. It only makes sense that they'll leave surprises for you to find out on Day one.

It doesn't even matter, because so many will buy and enjoy it for what it is.