When Is a Game More Than a Game?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Rhillis writes: Every few years or so, a video game is released that changes your perception. It does something to you that most other games would never attempt. It forces you to make decisions and requires you to think about what consequences might come as a result of those decisions.

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Septic2727d ago

when it isn't very lame
and it rises into fame
because the lead is a dame
that made sure you really came
in your pants that you decided to frame


agentxk2727d ago

Well, that is a way of putting it...

Cpt_kitten2727d ago

free styling over here? lol

rezzah2727d ago

That is because it is different, which is why it is so great.

wallis2727d ago

Portal blew my fucking mind. I just figured it was a complete random experiment where as much thought was put into its story as there was with its predecssor - narbacular drop.

So when that panel got stuck and I began laughing because I thought it was a bug, and then I peered through and saw tallies of days, even weeks, I felt like... well I just felt amazing.

A real reminder of why I love games. We're at the beginning stages of one of the most complicated yet dignified and beautiful mediums in history. It's a long road and I feel incredibly lucky to be at the beginning of that road and whilst I envy the sort of experiences my children's chilren will have with video games I think there's something real special about knowing that I was there for some of the most defining moments in its history.

From Doom to Portal, I've been there. And while hollywood continues to make souless piles of putrid frame by frame brain torture I'm starting to realize that games have got more artistic potential in a single hour of play than the last thirty movies I've watched in the cinema. How the hell anyone could even dare to take "Captain America: A two hour prologue" and say it has more artistic value than half life, or limbo, or braid, or system shock, bioshock, portal, portal 2 is like someone sticking their cock in my mouth and swearing on their life it's a lollipop.

I fuckin' love games man. While I love ripping into them for their flaws I gotta be honest I think even the most lazy attempts at a video games could blow most theatrical movies out of the water as experiences. It's just that games move so fast we struggle to see that even games like Doom 3 have colossal amounts of effort put into their narrative.

For me games stopped being "games" when I stopped playing them and started having my fucking mind blown by them.

squeeb2727d ago

Catherine is great. The Quadrangle kicked my ass though

Cal6642727d ago

When a game makes the leap from console to your life that is when it truly is great and will be one of those games that are remembered for years to come.

It's not so much about the numbers its about the impact which a game has, not just on the industry, but on the players that makes it truly great.

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