Season Ticket Subscription Launched By EA Sports

With providing users with addition content and exclusive benefits via a pai subscription being the ‘in’ thing at the moment, EA Sports are jumping onto the bandwagon as they are set to launch an annual subscription service for its core franchises.

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Inside_out2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Can't wait to hear about how fantastic EA is this morning from the fanboys...btw, we reserve the RIGHT to take YOUR money, and cancel the games YOU paid for, cancel the dedicated servers, implement play passes, charge you for demo's, ALL without telling you sheeple a thing...were broke don't you know...O_o...GIVE US YOUR MONEY and SHUT UP!!! Somebody has to pay for that boneheaded Popcap deal. :/

This is what happens when people just sit around and pat EA on the head for coming up with their " great " ideas. Ea is great...Activision is evil for releasing COD ONCE a dumb are the fanboys.

" there will be a 20% discount on all EA Sports DLC "... least Activision threw in ALL the map packs for MW3...evil Activision.

Drekken2688d ago

How is this different from MS making people pay to connect to people online? But thats okay with you, sheeple...

zootang2688d ago

Drekken good point, people forget that MS pioneered pay to play online and DLC.

Quagmire2688d ago

Goddamn this gen and all its overpriced DLC/Online Passes/Season Passes Bullshite