BioWare: Dragon Age II backlash “better than apathy”

BioWare writer David Gaider says the brutal backlash from some Dragon Age II players was more welcome than if people simply hadn’t cared about the game or the franchise – and says that while the team expected polarised opinion, they do know the game had its problems.

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sonicsidewinder2724d ago

better to fuck em over, as long as you get the cash more like.

jeseth2724d ago

Dragon Age II, though slightly different than origins (more Mass Effect influence), was an excellent game on its own. The decisions you had to make in DA2 had MUCH more consequence than in Origins. Your supporting cast was also more interesting and better developed.

Better graphics, spells, attacks. Dragon Age 2 was a great game. Love the DA lore and realm that has been created and can't wait for DA3.

evrfighter2724d ago

Bioware: "We are going to make dragon age 3 more streamlined for those players that hated DA2. We are going to simplify even MORE so that anyone could pick it up and play!"

Topshelfcheese2724d ago

I really enjoyed Dragon Age 2 and not really sure what all the crying is about. I really like how they simplified the loot/companion armor so I could focus on my main character and kicking butt. The story was great too...

PooEgg2724d ago

Though not 100% perfect, DA2 is still a fine game. You will enjoy it unless you wanted a clone of Origins. It must be hard for game companies to do sequals. How to please the fanboys who cannot handle change to their favorite series and still please the people who want the change?

Bioware should simply think about the people who stayed loyal to the DA franchise and didn't throw DA2 under the bus just because it isn't exactly what their little narrow minds expected. Don't worry about the angry trolls because they will not be satisfied no matter what you do.

Saryk2724d ago

Dragon Age Origins was a better game than DA2, but DA2 was a good game in its own right!

The problem with Dragon Age is this, it is different on each platform. The first was great on the PC, it sucked on the console (what my nephew said, no clue). The more the game is consolized the less the PC gamers will like it.

MrDead2724d ago

Dragon age Origins was more of an epic then DA2. DAO was like a cinema release and DA2 was a tv movie, I loved both games but DA2 felt like it was missing something.

HelghastKid2724d ago

How anyone could believe DA2 was a step in the right direction is beyond me. DA:O to this day is still my favorite rpg of this gen, a true old school rpg. They completely broke the typical class archetypes. Elven Warrior Archer? sure why not. I played the game on PS3, and while it didnt have the tactical feel that the PC version had, i can tell you it was still amazing. When i heard DA2 was coming out i was extremely excited, sequel to my favorite game, what could go wrong? Now if you don't compare DA2 to Origins, it is a good game. However in the same light, DA2 is a major step back. Streamlined fighting, basically 5 maps used for the whole game, no major major class customization, etc. I really hope that Bioware gets their shit together and doesnt try to make another Dragon Effect

Anon19742724d ago

The problem is you just can't please the fans. The biggest complaint Bioware received about Dragon Age was the combat system - so, taking this feedback to heart, they did what people asked of them. They streamlined the combat and they streamlined the menu system, inventory etc - because that's exactly what people complained about. The end result: People liked it less.

The moral of this story is simple. Never listen to the fans. They either don't know what they want or are quiet about what they like that shouldn't be changed. People are always quick to talk about things they hate - but you have to beat them with a crowbar to generally get them to open up about things they like.

I feel for Bioware. Developers just can't keep fans happy. If they change things, that's bad. If they put out the same game over and over - fans will bitch about that too, but at least they'll buy your product - but then you're putting out the same game over and over and that's not Bioware's way. So they try things out and they learn.

PooEgg2724d ago

Agreed. I was just thinking the same thing.

HelghastKid2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I understand, about them trying new things, but when you try to turn dragon age into mass effect you are just asking for trouble. The whole game just felt rushed to be honest. And I know some people were complaining about the battle system, but all they had to do was speed it up not completely change it to a button mash (at the time i played console didnt have autoattack)

EDIT: I really think that this game took the killzone2 route, and by that i mean they listened to people who didnt really like the game instead of those who adored it. So they decided to change it to appease to "a larger audience"

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