Minecraft Beta 1.8 Endermen Footage Leaked

The first ever footage from the upcoming Minecraft mob – 'Endermen’ has been leaked by YouTube user SSLithuania

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Pikajew2635d ago

They are more scary than Creepers D:

fluffydelusions2635d ago

Are they like the weeping statues from Doctor who where everytime you turn away they get closer?

warrior99882635d ago

they do stuff they move blocks & only if you aim at them theyll do this to you remember keep eye contact & walk backwards

Tommykrem2635d ago

God, I don't even dare think of what would happen if a creeper and one of these were to have a baby.

Davoh2635d ago

An incredibly fast and able to teleport creeper?

Convas2635d ago

Instant Transmission TNT Hug!

WillGuitarGuy2635d ago

So...ummm. Tweet by Notch: "None of the Enderman videos are real."

padz12635d ago

Type in 'Slenderman' on google. If this isn't based on him...

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