Blizzard creates gaming sweatshops for Chinese chain gangs diablo 3

For me this kind of nickel and dime behavior is killing Blizzards reputation, they are completely out to lunch adding this kind of feature to a non free game, and its a sign of just how morally bankrupt Blizzard have become.

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Letros2639d ago

Items being sold for real money will happen even without this system, at least it's officially supported and I can get a piece of the pie too.

JohnnyMann4202639d ago

Yeah. The author should whine some more. And the Nickle and Diming as he put it... well who says you can't sell it elsewhere?

What a baby.

Twilightx72639d ago

The best part about this is that everybody ignores Blizzard's other comment, which clearly stated that there was a regular in-game gold Auction House that involved no real money whatsoever - if people don't want to use the real-money AH, they don't have to.

And the whole nickle/dime trash is grating on my nerves - it's a flat effing fee, not a percentage. Blizz could charge a 50-cents-per-item fee, and it wouldn't change, whether you were selling it for a $1 or $100. People need to STFU and get over it.