Rachel Robinson discusses voicing FFXIII's Fang, And Future Roles

The Head Taco interviews Rachel Robinson, the voice for Oerba Yun Fang in Final Fantasy XIII.

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Tommykrem2638d ago

I always thought Fang was voiced by Paul Hogan. We've all made that mistake, I suppose.

Pozzle2638d ago

I will forever be annoyed at Paul Hogan for starting the "put a shrimp on the barbie" saying. We don't call them 'shrimp'! And very few Aussies say 'barbie' too. :/

Tommykrem2637d ago

He started that? He's cooler by the minute!
I'm sure most Australians don't broad Australian, but it is really fun to listen to. With no offense do Australia, of course. Awesome accent - awesome country.