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Madusha2731d ago

Wanted to play as New Zealand =/

Quagmire2731d ago

Wait for Rugby Challenge, that has both All Blacks and Wallabies licenses.

solidworm2731d ago

Lol Union,too slow too boring and too posh.

jony_dols2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Lol at league. There is a reason why its less popular. Running like headless chickens in straight lines over & over again gets boring. And theres only 2 international sides in the world even worth a watch.

Posh? Maybe in England. Union is an everymans sport everywhere else.


Top 14 say hello.
European Division 2 sides would have put up a better performance against NZ than the Boks did on saturday.

pr0digyZA2731d ago

lol that wasn't really the boks, half of them are off until the world cup.

jony_dols2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

The team that the Boks put out are still Super 14 regulars who are all vying for a places in the World cup team & most of the team still had plenty of test rugby experience. It is no excuse for a 33 point drumming.

Any proud rugby nation would not be lol'n at their national team getting beat off the pitch by their arch vivals. Hell it's not like the NZ'rs players aren't feeling fatigued themselves after the Crusaders reaching the Super 14 final, the expectation of bringing home the Webb Ellis & a tough year at home in Christchurch.

Inzo2731d ago

Too slow? you must be living in Europe.

Solid_Snake-2731d ago

gotta agree with worm. im a league fan and ya cant really blame me im from huddersfield.....the birth place of rugby league.

union: if your not getting anywhere you can just kick the ball off the sideline at the opponents end and start from there.

union is a lot slower than league....FACT

S_C2731d ago

@ Solid_Snake
Before you bring your fact book out all i say is that i suggest you watch a few super 15 matches then you will know about a quick game.

"union: if your not getting anywhere you can just kick the ball off the sideline at the opponents end and start from there."....... can you tell me why you would keep the ball if your not gaining any ground ( ever heard of feild position)....... i guess not with that comment

kingdavid2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Beach football and futsal are alot quicker than association football too. Does that make it better? No way in hell.

And +1 on the super 15 comment. The tri nations teams dont play the dour boring style that the english, welsh and scots use :P.

S_C2731d ago

@ Solidworm

Guess your back to try and troll about rugby union AGAIN.....guess youve got nothing better to do with your life

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pr0digyZA2731d ago

Small download so it will be worth a try. Plus my team is included in the demo so it's a bonus.