Borderlands 2 confirmed - source

Eurogamer: "Borderlands 2 is in development at Gearbox Software, Eurogamer understands. We've heard an announcement from publisher 2K Games will be made soon.

A source close to the game told Eurogamer the Gearbox-developed shooter will release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year."

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Chocoboh2687d ago

Meh.. Borderlands 1 was ok

Heartnet2687d ago

Yeh bit to Grindy for my tastes :P but graphics were nice :)

LordRydell2687d ago

I really liked the first one.Actually,I felt excited during the whole playthrough.
I don't think it's just the graphics.
The game was supposed to be fun,and that's what it was.At least for me...

GrieverSoul2687d ago

Borderlands is a great game.
They just need to focus a little bit more on the story. Pandora premisse was good but the game failed to develop it.

Cant wait for Borderlands 2.

WildArmed2687d ago


I loved the game. I had a blast when I co-oped w/ a few friends. Easily one of the best co-op games I've played this gen.
(Lilith ftw!)

I actually own 3 copies of borderlands ^^

DarkTower8052687d ago

I was a bit disappointed by the ending, but I loved the game. Claptrap is easily one of my favorite characters of this gen. Imo, Claptrap made the game.

Elwenil2687d ago

I enjoyed the first one a lot. I didn't like the idea at first but it grew on me. The story could have been a bit more engaging and they oculd have done a little more variety in some of the missions to keep it from feeling sort of lost sometimes but overall it was a good, quality game with some really good DLC. I am hoping we will be able to disassemble weapons in the next one and swap some parts around. Finding cool weapons was great but I really wanted to be able to use one scope or high capacity magazine on other models and so on. With the custom weapons cheats out there it made it pretty obvious how some parts could easily be swapped to make a lot of possible combinations.

Reibooi2687d ago

I loved Borderlands. It's in my opinion the perfect blend of RPG lootfest and FPS. It's just so fun. I recently bought the game of the year edition and am loving all the DLC. So far General Knoxx is my favorite but I still haven't gotten started on Clap Traps Robot revolution.

I also have no idea where the "to grindy" complaint came from the game is set up so that 90% of your leveling up comes from doing quests. Most of which are done naturally as you play through the game. Very rarely do you ever need to grind.

Anon19742687d ago

Couldn't get enough of the first game. I must have put in at least 100 hours into it with all the expansions and everything. One of the best co-op experiences I've ever had and there's been a hole left ever since my wife and I finally wrapped it up and put it aside.

TBM2687d ago

i loved the first one. it was great when playing coop too.

Heartnet2686d ago


Hmm I was playing with friends and quite alot of the time we were obtaining quests 3 or 4 levels above us so we had to go grind out some lvls before we could even attempt to complete them..

No game should do that imo hehe

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egidem2687d ago

Meh.. Borderlands 1 was ok.

It wasn't ok, it was AWESOME. How could you not love that game?

Sure the story line was weird and it had cartoonish graphics, but the game delivered fully on the fun content. This is one hell of a fun game to play.

What got me hooked was the guns, RPG elements, customization, different side missions and last but not lease, THE LOOTING SYSTEM...going around, looting for MONEY and GUNS was one hell of an addictive thing to do.

FredEffinChopin2687d ago

I was really into it at first, but it got to feeling like one huge grind after a while, and I found myself not really caring about it anymore. It definitely could've benefited from more of a story presence to give the missions a sense of purpose, and the overall experience a sense of progression outside of stats.

I'm definitely going to keep my eyes on this sequel though, the devs just may tweak the right elements and make this a solid 9 or 10.

Hockeydud192687d ago

I loved Borderlands, but the only thing that I was like WTF! about """"SPOILE R""""is when you get to the Vault there's nothing there. I was hoping for a stockpile of amazing weapons haha

WildArmed2687d ago

lol stockpile of weapons.

Thinking like a true vault hunter man ^^

rabidpancakeburglar2687d ago

You can't say that there was nothing there, there was a big ass monster and you never got into the vault. Hopefully that's something that will actually happen in Borderlands 2.

Hockeydud192687d ago

So I work my ass off to kill the monster and I get no reward lol. I wanted it to be like the Valhalla of weapons in there lol

Micro_Sony2686d ago

Doesn't the vault open up like evry 50 y3ars - does that mean borderland 2 will be in the distant future?

Disccordia2686d ago

It will be called Borderworlds

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showtimefolks2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

i invested over 200hrs into borderlands and its dlc.

anyone who loves FPS done right with loot system get borderlands GOTY edition you won't regret it.

please have a better story
more level caps to start
i should not need to play twice to level up to 50
bigger world
more diverse world
a system that lets us build our own weapons
money in the game should mean something i had unlimited money by just selling old weapons
driving needs to be fixed

and please please have a bigger world and a story that actually makes sense

and no need to change graphics keep the cell shaded


i agree after leveling up all the way to get to the vault you get nothing that you already don't have. Weapons in the game were about the same with different stats this time just please let us build our very own any weapons we want

snipes1012687d ago

Give me a more fleshed out story, customization options for my weapons (not just a gazillion throwaway guns) such as color, attachments, etc. and the armor and I'll be ecstatic. Oh, and a streamlined open world a la Elder Scrolls.

That's all stuff I'd like to see...but if they didn't add anything I'd still be happy. Borderlands was great :D

solar2687d ago

i have no idea why this game was so loved here. other webby's put the game in its rightful place, mediocre.

no mini map, the missions didnt scale to your level, the boss battles were snooze fests, the ending was atrocious, sure the co-op was fun and claptrap was a hoot, but the game had no redeeming qualities.

hopefully the 2nd is better.

snipes1012687d ago

Well perhaps the game didn't scale to your level because it required some actual work. Scaling is a plague on the RPG genre and should have never been in games like oblivion. I like the idea that there's areas I can't go to right away, it makes sense.

Tru_Blu2686d ago

Well said snipes, scaling has no place in RPG's and I wish they would just do away with it once and for all.

JsonHenry2687d ago

I played it on the PC and on the 360 with friends. If I had only played the game in single player then I probably would have never finished it. But with friends this game was a blast. Easy to get into and easy to play.

I hope the newer one expands on the missions and gives it more of an open world vibe than the last one. Even though it was fun the world felt "empty" even though badguys were everywhere. not sure if that makes any sense but it is the best I can describe how I feel about the game.

atticus142686d ago

Single player = one play through and never wanted to see it again

Multiplayer = played it through once then rolled alts and did it again and bought all DLC


This game really shines with friends, but single player felt kinda empty

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dkgshiz2687d ago

First game was a snooze fest.

Nicaragua2687d ago

I enjoyed it but the ending was piss poor.

NukaCola2687d ago

The ending was weak. I enjoyed the fight, but it just ended right out. Shame. Well the overall game was a blast so I hope they took all the feedback of the first and make something really superb.

Mr Patriot2687d ago

Make it third person and im in ..... tired of fps

hay2687d ago

Try coop. I foung single player boring as f*ck, but had a blast in coop.

lMHl2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

The ending was stupid but the rest was sweet

lMHl2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago ) Vl2I8

Burger King!

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jozzah2687d ago

Am I the only who thought it was amazing? Coop is sweet in Borderlands. Story was completely "meh" but that game is a blast.

InNomeDiDio2687d ago

Hi, I have not played the game yet. But a friend of mine plays this game Coop with friends and he said it's amazing Fun. So I think you're not alone.

NukaCola2687d ago

Borderlands was in my top multiplat GTOY for 2009, right next to Arkham. This was not to be missed. It's on PSN right now for $15 and comes with all the DLC, I recommend it.

Side topic: If you like the co-op, Dead Island will be doing a similar thing.

JellyJelly2687d ago

I loved it and this is one of my most wanted sequels this gen!

kingslayer10002687d ago

yeah the game was excellent and iv'e spent so many hours on it

AKS2687d ago

No, you're not the only one. I think this is great news.

FunkMcnasty2687d ago

it was amazing. Especially playing through the campaign on co-op online with friends.. especially friends who were at a higher level than you were they could share their more powerful guns and sheilds etc.. I'll definitley be looking forward to the next game.

vickers5002687d ago

Borderlands is me and my friends most played game this gen. It's an amazing game with amazing dlc.

solar2687d ago

yes co-op was fun, but that's all the game had going for it. everything else was below average.

Chocoboh2686d ago

the main reason why I said Borderlands 1 was "meh" was because of the story. If I play an RPG I expect to see a good story but besides that the gameplay was fun.

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chidori6662687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


another generic sci-fi shooter in existence for the last years.just another pointles FPS in an overcrowded market.

JellyJelly2687d ago

Borderlands is one of the most innovative FPS games this gen. The way it succesfully mixes RPG elements with FPS gameplay in an open world setting is pretty unique. So is its artstyle, and the fact that there are 17 750 000 different variations of weapons in the game.

solar2687d ago

the open world setting was a yawn to say the least mr. Jelly. the RPG experiences were hallow, didnt really seemed to make much of a difference to my character. the weapon variations were not even close to enjoyable and only a very select few guns actually were cool.

maybe i expected more :/

MysticStrummer2687d ago

Borderlands is far from generic.

vickers5002687d ago


another generic comment from someone who has obviously never played the game he is commenting on, or if he has, never spent more than a few hours with it. Just another pointless uninformed comment in an overcrowded and uninformed comment section.

coolfool2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I played the first with a friend.

COOP was fun as you use tactics to defeat enemies. Would have like some more Coop vehicles though.
Story was a little non-existent for my taste.
Grindig was ok at first but did wear us down after a while.
Art style was nice.
Technically the games wasn't really that great. In split screen there was numerous frame rate issues and texture pop-in which is a bit poor in a world which doesn't really have much going on.

What saved it for us was the basic shooting mechanic was just so damn fun! I think they nailed that aspect.