OnLive Executive Comments On PlayStation Network Outage

GB:"OnLive is a unique service in which players can stream games on demand. Obviously the platform is still to see the success it deserves as it is still in infancy.

The PlayStation Network hack has been one of the biggest industry incidents in the last decade or so. The Network was down for almost a month and it created a fear among people sharing their identities with companies, gaming or non gaming."

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Bleach2635d ago

OnLive is certainly susceptible to a future cyber attack, it depends if they let hackers walk all over them or actually stand up for themselves when hackers try to exploit their service.

egidem2635d ago

"Is OnLive susceptible to it? I think that anyone that has something online is probably susceptible to hackers at some point. We try to be as strong and secure as we can be."

If these guys were hacked and the intrusion happened to be severe, they'd lose pretty much everything since their entire service is online, unlike Sony whose service is partially online. OnLive would be in a much worse situation if they were to get hacked.

drsnobby2635d ago

"The OnLive client isn’t as open a product in allowing people to do things" that was the most important part of the article to me.having a closed network minimizes the chances of a network being hacked.when the next version of PSN rolls out for the PS4,it will be more secure and a closed network.i say again having a closed network is a best bet to safety and security.

Les-Grossman2635d ago

& people give Microsoft a hard time for XBOX Live being a closed network

Silly gameAr2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I'm glad the PSN hack gives you a reason to push an agenda. I'd rather have an open network then a closed one anyday. If the hackers want you bad enough, I doubt it matters much if it's an open or closed network.

drsnobby2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

If you own a buisness and have
online customers ,what is rule #1?

SITH2635d ago

Protect customer personal information at all cost or it will cost.

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