Batman: Arkham City: Rocksteady Hints At Robin Heading To Campaign

NowGamer: Robin could be more deeply involved in Batman: Arkham City than first thought.

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k-dillinger2688d ago

where nightwing forget robin..

Feckles2688d ago

Uh-oh. What's next, nipples on the batsuit?

skyward2688d ago

I wouldn't mind if he was in the story - not sure I want to play significant gameplay chunks as Robin though...

TimmyShire2688d ago

I only want to play as Batman. Anyone else is periphery, and I don't want to play as them.

Quagmire2687d ago

You do realise you have to play as Catwoman in the campaign too.

TimmyShire2687d ago

Yeah, that's the point I was making.

Ezio20482688d ago

all I care about is Batman....
yeah!!! hit a punch hard on two face's face!!!

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