The R/R/R Files: Case #001 – Sonic CD

MediaKick: "Greetings everyone, and welcome to a new feature I’d like to call ‘The R/R/R Files’. In this day and age games companies look with a nostalgic look back to the past in an effort to make a quick buck. Sometimes these decisions are well received, others however are not. The simple reason is that most of the time companies either don’t know which games they should be reliving or shifting the focus on porting their biggest selling game to every platform known to man (eg: Final Fantasy IV). It is with this in mind that I introduce the concept of Re-release/Remake/Reject, or ‘The R/R/R Files’."

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St02634d ago

"Re-release on XBLA/PSN/STEAM.

What do you think though, should Sonic CD be re-released, remade or rejected?"

Yes, as long as they keep the music the same from US/Europe, Japan. The gems collection just uses the US sound track even in Europe. Didn't like it as much

SkirkRidgeEX2634d ago

I agree, though I still maintain that the Stardust Speedway Future music on the US version was more iconic than its equivalent on the European/Japanese version.

sonicsidewinder2634d ago

This was a HARD game lol. But ultra cool.

Sonic Boom!