Keeping Players At Bay [Diablo 3]

What Games Are: Reddit is not happy. Nor Wired. Nor Rock Paper Shotgun. Nor indeed much of the internet this morning. Why? Primarily because of the news about Diablo 3.

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Maester072637d ago

I still can't believe that you cannot allocate skill or attribute points - in my mind that's what made Diablo Diablo. If they come up with some revolutionary and amazingly innovative skill tree then I throw my hat to them, but without details it sounds like they are just limiting character class customisation. Feel free to disagree, that's my opinion as a huge Diablo 2 (and original) fan from years back.

Daver2637d ago

you can choose skill points just not attribute

Maester072637d ago

"There are no attribute or skill points in Diablo 3"
Check here at 1:17

Daver2636d ago

oh sry I really thought Blizzard said there would be skills... That sucks! The more Im seeing things about it the less im impressed with the game.