Nintendo canceled Wii U media summit in Germany

The Wii U will not be shown to journalists in Germany before Gamescom. At Gamescom in Cologne Nintendo is also not showing their new console, even behind closed doors.

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charmer2637d ago

its ok...with wiiu nintendo want to get it right

Rrobba2636d ago

I suppose, I'd rather see quality footage a little later, than rushed gameplay very soon. I was hoping to see what developers had come up with so far, though.

stragomccloud2636d ago

I guess it is not being showed for security reasons. Maybe they're worried about Sony copying more features? Like I don't know... Button layout(PS1 is just like SNES), Analog sticks, D pad(Can't blame them for that. Although Nintendo invented the D pad, there is just no way around this), Wii remote/nunchuck combo...

To be fair though... as far as I know... Sony was the first to implement dual analog sticks.

stragomccloud2636d ago

So.... everyone seemed to disagree with simple facts. I guess that's N4G four ya'.

mike1up2636d ago

Bad move Nintendo. Dont even attempt to put some sort of positive spin on this. Yea, they want the WiiU to be "perfect" and dont want it to be copied, but gimme a break man.

I thought they had it on dispay at E3, what gives? That sux. Oh well, at least Germany knows who the real Nazis are now.

axisofweevils2636d ago

Security =
We don't want Sony to steal our idea before the Vita comes out.

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