Sony Categorically Denies Rumours of High Failure Rate of 40GB PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has issued an official statement to categorically deny that there is a 40% failure rate on the newly release 40GB PS3 as has been reported on a Dutch website.

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thereapersson4002d ago

I refuse to believe this as a concrete fact until more sources begin confirming these "failures".

Then again, the media is always desperate to find anything negative about the PS3 to boost their website hits.

Shadow Flare4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I refuse to believe that a console with the 20gb, 60gb and 80gb that has a failure rate of less then 0.1% has suddenly jumped to 40% with the 40gb. I mean, what the's not even like the 40gb has anything new in it. It has things taken out of it, which means less things to go wrong. If anything, this is a temporary problem with a badly made batch of ps3's. But whats more likely is a website trying to get hits or Microsoft or it's fanboys spreading crap. This is a console war and its not unreal that they wouldn't try something like that. I mean, why 40%? Why not 10%? 20%? 30%? Why does it have to be just a little higher then the 360's 33% failure rate? I smell some bad juju, and it's not the 360's motherboard melting

Capt CHAOS4002d ago

The media is always keen to find NEGATIVE NEWS. Whether it's about PS3, Xbox 360, The climate, The Wii, The length of hair vs intelligence, the size of your feed, etc. etc.

Take it all with a pinch of salt, The only people who can confirm or deny this are the PS3 40GB owners..

FYI: I'm a 360 owner, incase anyone things I'm biased, on drugs or otherwise..

What ever happened to reporting good news??

frizshizzle4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )
So this makes it zero sources backing up this rumour and even it is anecdotal at best.

Journalist probably got a smacking for writing such a fud story.

InMyOpinion4002d ago

I think it was one batch of consoles delivered to one store in Belgium or something. It's all blown out of proportion. None of the other PS3 versions have had any hardware problems so this is just silly.

Ju4002d ago

@frizshizzle They even withdrew their previous news:
News: Defective PS3 40GB insulated incident Through tarantino on 08-11-2007 14:50 Bron: Gamed
Yesterday we published the message that the Belgian store chain Game Mania got back a large number defective PS3 40GB apparatuses of customers. Today got we the report that this information do not knocks .
The figure material that on Gamed published became (namely that 40% of the 40GB consoles defect would be) was not to be knocked. These figures its according to Sony and Game Mania totally not representative and based on an unfortunate combination of events. Both parties ask then also a law arrangement of this news reporting .
(sorry automated translation)

MANTIIS4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Check out the latest news on Gamespot (shouldn't be hard for the Xbots) and you'll read that the website that posted the rumor retracted the bogus entry as a malicious attempt to harm PS3 sales. That is why the web page can no longer be found. Gamespot, themselves, confirm that the rumor is bogus, as well. So anybody who wants to use this bologna as ammo against Sony had better be both concerned with looking like a horse's @ss for propogating false statements, and the <REAL> RROD problem of their own piece of trash.

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kewlkat0074002d ago

and this kid bought a 40 gig PS3 and he said it dies on arrival. So in stead he is looking to buy a stand alone Blu-Ray player.

I was under Blu-Ray players/Sony PS3 as a Blu-Ray player thread, so who knows they need more people to buy them to see if there is some issue there.

Glad I stayed away from that gimped 40 gig Ps3. 60 gig all the way...

Gizmo_Logix4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I was on AVS forums 3 days ago. Ten kids bought an 360 Elite and they were dead on arrival!

Bebedora4002d ago

I like it when someone breaks the river-made-of-pee-talk.

StrboyM4002d ago

On the AVS forums just called me, his name is actually "that kid from the avs forums" he told me to tell you, his friend "the liar from the N4G forums" hi...

beoulve4002d ago

Bathyj and Riksweeney, your two responses are gold. I wonder some younger audience will get your joke or not. Anyway bubble for you two.

tk4001d ago

Is actually a peg legged alien pirate. He has 8 tentacles. I know. I saw him spin a web under the Brooklyn bridge. I think he feeds on FUDge.

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The_Engineer4002d ago

console wars:episode 5 MS strikes back

when all else fails, start spreading FUD about your competitor.

SL1M DADDY4002d ago

Is a complete moron. One “Danish” site says it so we are supposed to believe it? Come on, the 360’s failure rate is worldwide and happens to every site that uses the 360 in any way. If the failure rates for Sony were true, we would have a huge level of sites complaining right now.

Hugh Hefner4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Another guy at one of the forums I go to bought a 40g PS3 and CoD 4... and the PS3 could not read the disk. He returned it and I don't know if he got another one.

Edit: Why the disagrees??? I just stated what happened. It was a PS3 forum and the guy was a staunch Sony supporter... I doubt he made that up.

dantesparda4001d ago

I bought one yesterday, and its working fine (therefore they are all working fine, LOL!)