Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Sucker Punch Productions, Developer of inFamous

Gamertag Radio writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that leading game developer and long-time partner Sucker Punch Productions, creators of the top-selling Sly Cooper and inFamous franchises, joins the global development operation of Sony Computer Entertainment."

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-EvoAnubis-2635d ago

I am really shocked it took this long. Welcome, officially, to the family, Sucker Punch!

MastaMold2635d ago

SONY taking care of business great news

Tru_Ray2634d ago

This is great news. SCE Worldwide studios already robust portfolio just got stronger. Quantic Dream is next!

BitbyDeath2634d ago

Either Quantic Dream or Lightbox Interactive should be next.

disturbing_flame2634d ago

Great move. Sucker Punch is a very talented studio.

RedDragan2634d ago

They should buy Activision next. Just because they can!


gaffyh2634d ago

This is the best news EVER! It means that now Sucker Punch will be able to share tech with other first party studios, and hopefully we'll see an amazing inFAMOUS 3.

AngryTypingGuy2634d ago

Has Sucker Punch ever done a multiplatform game? I always thought they were a first person studio for Sony prior to this, never realized that they were independent.

Iroquois_Pliskin2634d ago

you´d wonder what the f is microsoft doing...

jeseth2634d ago

Awesome news! Love Sucker Punch!

This is how gaming companies should spend their money! Secure and support good devs to strengthen their overall brand.

I could care less which multiplat game for PS3 or 360 has exclusive DLC or Extra Content . . . what drives me to stay with Sony is their stable of exclusive games. Every company has their big ones (Halo, Gears, Forza, GT, GOW, Uncharted, Mario, Zelda) but Sony has tons of quality exclusives.

Awesome acquisition.

HebrewHammer2634d ago

Here's the order I'd buy the next studios:
- EatSleepPlay (I mean, cmon - when has Jaffe EVER disappointed?)
- LightBox Interactive
- Quantic Dream
- ThatGameCompany (If they're up for acquisition, that is)

Sarcasm2634d ago

Sony buying another quality developer.

In other news, Microsoft is closing deals on 100 years of Call of Duty DLC packs.

Pl4sm42634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

wait wth .... i thought they where already with Sony O_o ... guess i was wrong ....Sony is getting powerful with good game companies :D .... me likey :D :D :D

oh and infamous 2 is bloody sweet !!!!!!!!!!

mastiffchild2634d ago

I was told, in an argument, that MS had wanted SP to reboot Crackdown and this is what pushed Sony to step on the issue so promptly after ensuring SP would do another PS3 exclusive.

I think, whether it's true or not(though Sony did intimate other parties had shown interest in SP recently), it's pretty believable as SP would possibly have been the perfect developer TO make Crackdown the series it SHOULD be by now. Given the step up in quality(all round it's a better sequel than I expected really)from inFamous to the sequel you could see what a MS rep might have seen n the studio for a series with, even now, great potential that simply atrophied and went backwards(online co-op aside) for IT'S recent sequel.

Had C2 been the same step up with a new city, new powers, new mechanics that I2 was then maybe we'd already be excited for Crackdown3 rather than worrying it might never exist. Anyway, good buy for Sony and I doubt we'll ever get to know if what I got told has any truth to it-even if seeing what a traditionally Sony sided dev might do with a MS IP would have been amazingly interesting.

juggulator2634d ago

No surprise though. It's almost like Sony already owned them.

gta28002634d ago

It seems every time a dev makes an awesome game sony says "fuck it, were buying you" ^_^
Can't wait to see more from Sucker Punch. One other thing I'd like to see some day is all of Sonys devs joining forces and making one massive game....might be some epic ass shit!

Eric Barrier2634d ago

Sucker Punch's first game was for the N64, other than that they have stayed with Sony.

sikbeta2634d ago

Well played Sony, that's a great move, Sucker Punch is an amazing Dev Studio...

MOTY2634d ago

Well this is clearly a sign of desperation.

Sony knows that Sucker Punch's latest IP's have not been selling very well. Most likely Sucker Punch approached Sony and said we are looking to go multi-plat or we will be out of business. Sony stepped in and bought up the company thus protecting Sucker Punch from financial turmoil and gave them stability as part of Sony. Sony then can also keep them as exclusive developers. It's a win win situation.

nickjkl2634d ago

they arent buying light box

scea owned incognito who created warhawk

who disbanded and created lightbox who has not released a single game yet

BitbyDeath2634d ago


Lightbox Interactive are currently working on Starhawk with Sony Santa Monica under contract.

They already act like they are part of Sony so it makes sense for Sony to purchase them too.

Reibooi2634d ago

Love Suckerpunch. They have made 2 of my favorite franchises of all time.(Infamous and Sly)

I know they aren't the ones deving it but I can't wait for Sly 4 next year. I have been playing the crap out of the other 3 games in anticipation for Sly 4 and it's nice to see it seems to be picking up right where sly 3 left off.

Also can't wait for what they do next. Be it Infamous 3(the ? at the end of the good ending on Infamous 2 is pure torture) or a entirely new game I just can't wait to see what they do.

The Great Melon2634d ago

@Eric Barrier

I have loved Sucker Punch ever since they released their first game Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Look forward to see what they are cooking up next.

MaxXAttaxX2634d ago

Not exactly first-party. But they have a partnership for multiple titles and for years.


zeeshan2634d ago

Congrats SP and to PS3 gamers around the world! This is indeed a good news!

ABizzel12634d ago

They should have nabbed Insomniac as well :)

nickjkl2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

bitby i dont think you understand

they should purchase a company made form the resources of a company they already owned it makes sense for a partner ship but it would be dumb aas hell to buy them

and yes they are making one game BUT THAT GAME HASN'T RELEASED YET HAS IT

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Why o why2635d ago


great news. i hope they still have enough control of what projects they develop. They know sony will support. great news

pain777pas2634d ago

Insomniac has a lot of history with Sony but they thought that multiplatform is the best way to secure their future. If they became first party that would be cool but I see a Bungie scenario with EA.

BattleAxe2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Great news! Sony will be great for Sucker Punch, and all you have to do is take a look at Naughty Dog as an example. Now all they have to do is buy out Insomniac, and they will be unstoppable.

ainsz2634d ago

To late for Insomniac, but Quantic Dream, Lightbox would be a good choice. Hell, with Take Two wanting to be bought Sony could be a candidate to be a buyer!

callahan092634d ago

How is too late for Insomniac? Just because they announced a multiplatform game deal with EA? That's not exactly great for Sony's prospects of buying them, but it doesn't mean it's impossible. Before Sony bought Guerrilla, they were making multiplatform games as well.

NewMonday2634d ago

"Take Two wanting to be bought Sony"?!!

ainsz2634d ago


No, just wanting to be bought. It could be by EA or Activision, or Perhaps Microsoft, but they don't seem to be in a buying mood lately

BattleAxe2634d ago

Well recent financial reports say that Sony has $8.3 Billion just sitting there waiting to be used for possible acquisitions. EA offered $2 Billion for Take Two about 3 or 4 years ago, but Take Two turned it down.

sikbeta2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )


It's not like Sony didn't try, Insomniac wanted to stay independent, now they have a deal with EA, but they said they'll keep supporting Sony the same way...


I keep saying QD for long time now, they're great for mocap and unique games like Indigo/F and HR...

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lelo2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Good move by Sony. Another great 1st party.

To bad Microsoft doesn't do the same thing. They are running out of AAA exclusives.

miyamoto2634d ago

Congrats Sony & Sucker Punch!

And Congrats to us PlayStation gamers!

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egidem2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Was about damn time!

HebrewHammer2634d ago

Seriously! What's it been, like 10 years now?

manman62634d ago

Another good company is now part of the PlayStation family.

zeddy2634d ago

this insures that ps3 or ps4 owners will still get ps3 exclusives.

shinrock2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

how good has all the exclusives worked out for Sony? it sure's hell havn't put them on top of the software charts! FACT!

nycredude2634d ago


It sure put me on top as a gamer. How does your point actually affect you or any other gamer on N4g, or anywhere? IT DOESN'T.


silvacrest2634d ago

tell me why you care?

gamers want games, as long as the game sells enough for a sequel or another franchise that should be fine

haters who have nothing else to play except kinect/multiplats/sales should keep their mouth shut and stick to what they no

UnwanteDreamz2634d ago

shinrock is mad Fact!
shinrock is tired of the same 3 exclusives Fact!
shinrock is sad Fact!

Mikeyy2634d ago


How does it feel to only have 3 Exclusives to look forward to every year?

Halo sequel
Gears of War sequel
Forza Sequel

It's no wonder they sell so much... Getting bored yet?

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princejb1342634d ago

oh i thought sony always owned sucker punch
well congrats sony and sucker punch
i love your games

Liquid_Ocelot2634d ago

If you build it, they'll come.. brother

beastgamer2634d ago

should of been atlus for demon souls, but sony was like nah man

DragonKnight2634d ago

Atlas merely published Demon's Souls for NA release. From Software developed it with help from SCEJ.

CadDad2634d ago

Atlus is the publisher, Sony should buy From Software for those games. :)


BigPenguin2634d ago

From software has always been a good and overlooked company.

I mean they are the only company to make a good mech game in the past ten years in the armored core series. Enchanted arms was blasted unfairly, but it was the first good RPG on next gen consoles.

Little sad it took demons souls for them to get the mass exposure they deserve, but at least they got it.

koehler832634d ago


LightBox is not first party. They are an independent studio created from former members of Incognito, a now dead Sony studio started by Scott Campbell, now of EatSleepPlay.

Snakefist302634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

YESS!!!Now Sony Needs to Buy Square Enx!

DigitalRaptor2634d ago

I was already hugely glad to be a PLAYSTATION gamer, but news like this just confirms why I love the brand. They support risky ventures, which often turn out to be popular and successful - and even if they aren't hugely successful they don't tend to drop the developers or franchises. And it just so happens that my tastes are in line with their productions.

These are the sorts of investments platform holding companies should be making, and some seem to understand this more than others.

What is Microsoft gonna do next gen if they don't pick up some quality studios? Halo, Fable, Forza, rinse repeat is boring, especially if that's all you have to offer.

showtimefolks2634d ago

for 12 years tey wanted to stay independent like insomniac but i guess something changed. and unlike insomniac who have bigger teams SP is a team of i think 80 plus developers.

but this is why playstaion brand will always have more exclusives and better games.

Quantic Dream's next game is also ps3 exclusive if that's a success sony will try to buy them too.(and david cage knows only sony would allow him to do different games other wants FPS)

eat-sleep-play....david jaffe said in one of his interviews not long ago that his studio is up for sale and i would not be surprised if right after TM its up next

lightbox interactive....warhawk was a great game and for online only it was a success so once starhawk comes out and it does well i could see sony try to get them too

say what you want about sony one thing you can not deny about playstation brand is if you only care about games that's the platform for it

so now that 22 or 23 studios right? MM with LBP and now SP

NarooN2634d ago

Man, I would've thought they would've acquired them way back in the Sly Cooper days, but this is good news. More exclusives = justification of even owning a system and more competition.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2634d ago

This is amazing news. Go Sony.

jwatt2634d ago

Honestly I thought they would have announced this at E3

JsonHenry2634d ago

I thought the already owned them. :/

starchild2634d ago

This is what console makers should do. Without the exclusives there would be no reason for me to even own a console, since I just play everything else on the PC.

Good move, Sony.

subtenko2634d ago

Most of us are like "what, huh? I thought they were already apart of the family?" LOL Its the quality you expect from a Sony 1st party studio thats why. Well its official now.

This is why I say I like Sony 1st party titles more than any other company. Sony just happens to be my favorite. :)

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