Diablo 3 heads for the cloud

With no online play, cash based item sales and no mod support Diablo 3 is looking more and more MMO-like every day.

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JohnnyMann4202731d ago

Haha sorry, thanks for waking me.. I was reading another Diablo Cash shop story and... I... ....doze.... zzZZZzzzzz

StayStatic2731d ago

Makes sense to be online so players don't cheat , all though be nice if an offline mode was implemented just to play through. But thinking on it might not work with the new game play mechanics , give beta and lets see :D

Saryk2731d ago

When D3 was first mentioned, I was like, I am there. Now, going to sit on the sideline to see. Will not pre-order that is for sure.

palaeomerus2731d ago

I didn't think Blizzard could do it, but I'm wanting Diablo III less and less every time I hear more about it.

CLOUD19832731d ago

Ppl who have good & permanent internet connection in their home wont care about the "Only Online Play" and I am one of them, and as the article say offline play can lead to cheats/hacks/dup items etc.. at least now we know that no1 can cheat and the option to sell some rare items for real cash is very good imo because at some time you me and every1 will drop something really valuable that don't need that's where real cash auction comes in place and gives you the option to gain something from your hard work and the hundreds of hours you spent killing the same bosses again and again.