See all Batman: Arkham City pre-order bonus costumes

VG247: "If you’re the kind to shop around retailer-exclusive bonus content, you may want to cast your eyes over the Batman: Arkham City skins on offer."

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Electroshocked2632d ago

Holy s**t, I want all of them.

redDevil872632d ago

It's so damn annoying that you can't just unlock these :/

LOGICWINS2632d ago

So get back at Rocksteady by not buying this game Day 1 and buying the GOTY edition with all the costumes, DLC, and extra content...for half the price.

redDevil872632d ago

But i really want to play this lol. I don't even know if i'll get this day 1 anyway, cash is going to be an issue with so many other games.

Magnus2632d ago

Wish the costumes were open to everyone sure hope they bring in The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh costume and Azrael's costume along with the alternate Owlman costume and Batman Darkest Knight costume.

2632d ago
zero_cool2629d ago

Batman needs some of his batastic collection of vehicles in the batman arkham city game like these below...