IGN Rewind Theater: Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Trailer

IGN's Kristine & Peter walk you through the changes to Epic's famous wave survival multiplayer mode.

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Mr Sadistic2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

IGN FAIL. Electric lancer lmao, it was a turret shooting the locust grub the same time marcus sawd it. But, the funniest part is they even noticed the turret after. IGN, WOW MAJOR FACE PALM.

Mr Sadistic2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Why does this site have so many d-bags? I luv gears its my fav franchise, but Ign royaly screwd up. Everything me and zod said is true. But yet we get disagrees?

This is why me and my friends rarely post on n4g.

Bubbles to you zod well said. And what about the head shot with the sniper that took off the boomers helmet, she said bad shot, really. Thats what is suppose to happen to boomers, when you headshot a boomer his helmet comes off, thus leaving him vunerable to a ding ding ding headshot. LMFAO.

Disagree away.

zod2725d ago

Kristine Steimer doing Gears Rewind theater ?..Seriously..She is not a Gears fan and never completed first game...Video was full of Fail....They dunno shit...

Baby Corpser lol

. It's a Savage Corpser and it is confirmed that the regular Big Corpser won't be in Horde...They don't do any research b4 making these rewind

There is no upgrade for Silverbacks in Horde 2.0

There is no electric lancer skin.. ..

What was the point of these Rewind theater when Horde 2.0 briefing video explained

theonlylolking2724d ago

IGN is ignorant. It is just in them.

JellyJelly2725d ago

Looks incredible! Seems much more tactical than before, with the turrets, money system, laser beams etc.