Get a 3DS for $169 AND 20 Free Games?

Is it possible to save $80 on a 3DS AND snag 20 free games at the same time?

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Brian52472687d ago

I love how Nintendo is tricking you into thinking the games they include with the system WHICH YOU PAID $170 (AND POSSIBLY $250 FOR) are free. Some consumers are so dimwitted its scary.

Misterhbk2687d ago

I've been trying to get that across to people since the price drop was announced goodfella. These games, especially if you dropped the 250 like I did, are costing me $80 (if you want to put a hard number on it). Games that I either had no interest in to begin with or have beaten time and time again already.

Senci232686d ago

From what I heard is Best Buy has things in place to keep this from happening...but I feel like it may would at Walmart. It will be interesting to see what happens.

cdvernon2686d ago

Actually, the biggest question floating around in my head about all this is: Why the massive price drop so soon after release? I suppose it's possible they feel they overpriced it. However, look at Google TV's price drops galore... makes one wonder if the 3DS' future will still come to pass.