Secessionism is in the hands of the Australian people

Tuesday is a big day for America. Because on this day in 2011, they may just have to default on all the loans they borrowed from all those other countries. Back when that thing called the Global Financial Crisis was starting to happen, remember? Now down here in Australia, they had the brilliant idea of instead of taking money from the people, every working class man gets given $800 bucks and told, by the government to spend it and put it back into the economy.

It was, to this day the great Australia Plasma TV sale of 2009, because that's what the news was saying- everyone go out and buy a TV. How then does this relate to video games.

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gaden_malak2639d ago

My god, the fact this person decided a layout of white text on a black background is enough to tell you what kind of article it is.

Which is pointless. It tells us we pay a lot for games. Cool, we know that.
America's current crisis isn't going to affect the price of gaming in Australia.

potedude2639d ago

We get ripped here in Aus, I have long since given up paying full price at such stores as EB or Game. I buy online, somewhere like gives you way better selection and at half the normal price, plus they are in Australia so not dealing with dodgy outsiders.

If I need the game really soon I just buy it at Target for $80. Still pricey but not $120 like I have seen in EB. The sharks...

Iancranium2639d ago

The whole site is black? ^ says what kind of person you are lol.
I think the point of the article was actually about Australians taking their money out of the country, using import sites and other less legal means to get cheaper games.

The price of gaming isn't going to change, but Aust are not putting up with it by the droves turning to other means to acquire our fix

gaden_malak2639d ago

No prices won't go down, though I am optismistic the greedy SOBs will change their tune soon enough.
However, the problem is if/when the dollar goes back up.