Blizzard's Diabolical DRM Scheme

How the three "features" announced today are all simply extensions of Blizzard's DRM mechanism for Diablo III.

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JohnnyMann4202635d ago


That's what I think about the 10th article posted about this very subject today.

dredgewalker2635d ago

Wow,I guess it's "diabolical" that they keep posting the same articles :)

gamingdroid2635d ago

Is Diablo like a persistent world?

I mean, would you call WoW's requirement of online connectivity be considered DRM?

I don't know so enlighten me....

JohnnyMann4202635d ago

Nah it's an action RPG with a huge online community. Personally the only thing I think Bliz is doing is preventing hacks and mods and piracy.

Normally I am against DRM. Diablo III can use it.. that is cool with me.

gamingdroid2635d ago

So if it is a huge online community, doesn't it sort of need that internet connection?

To ensure people aren't cheating and that the world is updated.

BubbleSniper2635d ago

it's like this... you're in a lobby or channel, random or what not... you can hop to different lobbies created for different reasons.

i used to hang out in Cooperative Players USEAST, but eventually blizz TOOK OUT THE DAMN CHANNEL.
Probably because myself and a few other players would rush people through the game on all Difficulties... I was able to do a full rush in around 7 minutes or so, as my fastest recorded, using a Sorceress.

OK, ANYWAY... you're in lobby and there are options to create a game and set it's difficulty and number of players... the "gameworld" is only consistent until all players are gone from the game, however there is a set amount of time you have to go back in to he game and keep it up, after that time expires, the game is gone and you create another.

I used to transfer items between accounts, by myself. It sucks bad when your internet connection mysteriously dies because of a tree pulling the line down and you are trading several hundred soj worth of items lol.

cervantes992635d ago

Blahhh, Blahhh, Blahhh...

Heaven forbid Blizzard try to protect their IP and keep the game fair.

Some gamers today are just so unhappy in their lives they feel they must complain on the internet about everything.

Don't like it - don't buy it - simple as that.

Drekken2635d ago

Crybabies are just doing what they are good at... crying.

JohnnyMann4202635d ago

Criers gonna Cry. Just ask John Crier.

gamingdroid2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

The opposite is also true, some people get pushed around, oblige and even worse spouts nonsense to protect the offender.

The victim is a self inflicted! Nice!!!

blackhammer2635d ago

I sure hope there's a great load of pirates to tear this game apart.

cervantes992635d ago

That is a complete moronic comment.