Fans Picked the Blonde in a Controversial Video Game Beauty Contest, But That’s Not a Bad Thing

Since mid-July, BioWare has been running a competition on their Facebook fan page—a series of six possible versions of FemShep, which were posted along with the simple instructions: "Female Commander Shepard. 'Like' the one you want in game!" Two weeks' worth of "Likes" have been tallied, and one FemShep stands tall above the others— yep, it's the blonde one.

The tow-headed "Shepard 5" has dominated the voting, currently holding a massive lead with nearly 30,000 votes. (The next-closest runner-up is the dark-skinned, streak-haired "Shepard 4" with a mere 12,000.) Shepard 5's golden locks look nothing like any of the previously available hairstyles in the game, and so she looks nothing like any of the FemSheps that players have come to know and love. That fact is causing consternation among an increasingly large number of writers, bloggers, and Mass Effect fans.

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TheGameFoxJTV2633d ago

Fuck, I hate these horny ass fucking teens and losers. Why chose the blonde one? She brings NOTHING to the character. When did barbie become a space commander?