The Next Big Spectator Sport... Could Be StarCraft II

His expression frozen in concentration, StarCraft II legend IMMvp leans forward. His hands blur in a flurry of hotkeys and mouse clicks. IMMvp's Viking succeeds in destroying his opponent's first banshee; thousands upon thousands of fans roar with approval, surging against the iron grate separating them from the stage.

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ATi_Elite2637d ago

Umm seeing how it's S. Korea's national sport and people in the U.S.A. pay to watch SC2 on the Internet i would already is the next big spectator sport.

gonna check out a match right now!

evrfighter2636d ago

It already is a spectator sport. The problem is american gaming journalism is far behind.

You had the chick on kotaku pretty much dumping on pro gaming. you had hhg trying to compare starhawk to starcraft. Admitting to never even playing starcraft...but hes an exception considering most would debate hes not even a journalist

ATi_Elite2636d ago

people who play on consoles all day long have no clue about PC Gaming so HHG and the kotaku chick are not worth my time and their dumb comments prove it.

HHG was looking very stupid comparing SC to starhawk. lol

Newtype2636d ago

It already is a spectator sport.

yamzilla2636d ago

i probably watch 1-2 hours of pro starcraft a day.....that is literally the only tv i watch minus bluray movies 2-3 times a week.

gotta stay up on the meta game

Si-Fly2636d ago

People actually spend their free time watching other people gaming??? The only time I spectate games is in a session of pass the controller when my mates are over lol.

DNAbro2636d ago

I think a major problem is that only people who play starcraft, enjoy watching starcraft. I tried to watch a match and had no idea what was going on.

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