SEGA Offers Nightmares Incentive

SEGA announced details of the exclusive U.S. GameStop pre-order incentive for Rise of Nightmares, the upcoming horror experience exclusively for Kinect on the Xbox 360.

Players who pre-order Rise of Nightmares from GameStop’s across North America will receive the following bonus items:

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killcycle2638d ago

I would rather some real shit that i can use in my game the all that.

etowntwo2638d ago


Game is aimed for a more mature crowd yet the incentives are more for kiddies.

Cpt_kitten2638d ago

the theme sounds nice knowing ive been wanting a new theme, but other wise that's pretty bad, still can't wait for this game though

Micro_Sony2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I wish this game was with a controller instead of Kinect.

I really like theTexas Chainsaw Massacre feel and it actully looks scary.

Horror game arent what they use to be - Resident Evil 5 infected were not scary and wTF was up with them riding bikes and shooting AK's

Silent Hill Home Coming controlls killed it for me.

Fear 4 was meh and felt to much like a action game.

Jericho and The suffering were scary and wish we had more horror game like them but because they did not sell well I guess we wont.

The suffering

Raven_Nomad2637d ago

Very much looking forward to this title. Haven't pre ordered it yet, but it's looking that way.