Sony Responds to In-game XMB

"Wow – a lot of comments, and very quickly. Let them address a few things:

About the firmware version number – In general, we don't wait to release new features based on a particular firmware update number. The 1.80 update, for example, was pretty substantial, including important features like DVD upscaling..."

At comment 266.

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sfinXters4089d ago

The usual response - zero information.

Kleptic4089d ago

haha I love the part where he says that user input "helped shape this one"...

oh well...its coming...

gamesR4fun4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

"That said, this update does include valuable features that consumers have been asking for – such as the Remote Start functionality. Personally, I’m looking forward to using this feature as I’m frequently on the road – and I know a lot of you are too.

As far as other features many of you are calling for (such as in-game XMB) – SCE continues to evaluate opportunities to provide new functionality to PS3 on an ongoing basis. New features and functionality have continually been added to the system since it debuted, and we will continue to update you with new developments.

We do read your comments, and they have helped shaped previous updates – including this one."

man that last line is ill lol everyone has been screaming for ingame xmb since launch... Thinking that home will be it or is tied to it...... yep the more I think about it the more it makes sense.
You read it here first the reason Sony wont put out in game xmb is because they've built it in/around HOME.

TheExecutive4089d ago

If they read our comments and actually took them to heart they definitely would have added in-game xmb within the first YEAR. Thats all I am going to say about this.

UnblessedSoul4089d ago

They don't listen at all I never knew it takes over 1 year just to add in game xmb

iilluminate4089d ago

Their #1 priority is to ensure their updates are of high quality and don't make the interface unresponsive. Every time you press the Xbox 360 button the interface is jerky and it's not a pleasant experience. It could be Sony are trying to make sure the feature is perfect, otherwise everyone would be complaining because of that too.

Nevertheless 1 year is quite a long time!

TheExecutive4089d ago

It still shouldnt take a year... perfect or not I just want it and I am sure you feel the same way.

Capt CHAOS4089d ago

The 360 interface is smooth and trouble free, a bit cluttered maybe but definitely not a 'not nice' experience.

iilluminate4089d ago

Capt CHAOS - I was referring specifically about when the interface slides in from the left. It isn't bad as such but isn't as smooth as it could be when the 360 is using all of its resources in 720p mode. Performing tasks like signing in takes just long enough to be a chore.

I've had the 360 since launch and think the PS3 interface is more responsive, but I sympathise for those who had the PS3 since launch and expect improvements by now.

DrPirate4089d ago

That's a response? Who posted this news? It's a PR copy-paste to forum...

He basically said: We know you want it, but you'll get it when we feel like giving it to you.

ultraviolentz4089d ago

"As far as other features many of you are greatly missing (such as backwards compatibility)SCE continues to evaluate opportunities to remove functionality to PS3 on an ongoing basis"

TruthbeTold4089d ago

At least it's not as bad as we Wii owners have it.

Wii owner: "How about a hard drive so that we won't end up having to delete the games we download?"

Nintendo: "Nope."

Enigma_20994089d ago

so how is that even a problem?

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