Game Podunk: Catherine Review

GP Editor, Marcus Estrada writes, "Before its release, Catherine was getting a lot of attention from the gaming world. The game was promoted as having a storyline that games tend to shy away from - one based around relationships and cheating. Of course, the game also got a lot of attention for the adult content or "sexiness" that was shown slightly in trailers.

Basically, many gamers were swept up in the enigma that was Catherine and now are finally able to play the title. Does the game live up to the hype? The best way is to play yourself and see, but here's one opinion on the game."

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tiffac2726d ago

Yeah being unable to swing to the back of the puzzle is a pain especially when you need to move around the back to get around the puzzle and the sudden change in camera angle when there is a boss attack can ruin your movements and sometimes drop you to the wrong block that has traps on them.

That said overall this game is addicting and I'm already one my second playthrough to get the saucy Catherine. I got Katherine already. lol!