Battlefield 3 Origin Pre-Order Nets ‘Early’ Beta Access

If you were looking for a reason to pre-order Battlefield 3 on EA’s Origin, here it is: anyone who forks over $59.99 right now will receive ‘early’ access to the upcoming Battlefield 3 beta test.

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Kamikaze1352639d ago

Too bad. I'll buy the game...just not on Origin. I know I'll be forced to use that crappy service though :(

mafiahajeri2638d ago

Well said origin is so freaking rubbish its not even funny.

nepdyse2639d ago

Shit its under maintenance.

nepdyse2639d ago

This worked out great for me. Now i don't have to go out and buy a Medal of Honor Limited edition for the PS3. Got an invite for the beta on the Xbox but i suck with the controllers.Thanks for the info man, appreciate it.

ECM0NEY2639d ago

I would but Gears 3 releases that month so... yeah

Apocwhen2639d ago

$60!, eh no thanks Origin, I'll buy boxed retail for nearly half of that

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