Dead Island PC Is Not A Port writes: We recently had the chance to meet some of the team behind Dead Island and spend an hour with the game on the PlayStation 3. While the game was fantastic, we managed to get some info on the PC version.

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gravemaker2637d ago

best version, obviously
like always

hellerphant2637d ago

It's an exciting time to be a PC gamer, finally we are getting the attention we deserve :D

ATi_Elite2637d ago

Sorry but I just DO NOT believe them!

Hopefully I'm wrong but if Dead island is not a port but a stand alone PC build then why no game play video of it?

Hell you think they would be cramming the PC version down our throats so they could say "Oh look how awesome it looks".

I'm gonna pass on Dead Island and use that money to get The Secret World!!

vickers5002636d ago

"best version, obviously"

That's subjective.

Letros2637d ago

Chrome Engine 4 is pretty solid, should look fantastic maxed out on PC.

Theo11302637d ago

and it's deep silver, they've been a great pc publisher for years. They know who butters their bread.

flip-it32637d ago

Does anyone know if there is a CE of dead island in NA? I want to preorder one but I dont see any available yet...

hellerphant2637d ago

Turtle Beach Australia are offering out some headsets and a Dead Island T-Shirt, I guess NA can expect something similar but not too sure.

flip-it32637d ago

From what I've been seeing it's only AU and EU getting the CE... =(

yamzilla2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

there is no such thing as a port from console to pc, in fact, it is always the other way around!

Games are not made on xbox360s, ps3s, wii, ds's,

Games are made on pc's and then chopped, shrunk, and retrofitted for console specs (usually ported down to some sub-hd resolution, and pop-in, choppy framerates and jaggies are all that is left)

Even killzone 3 was made on a pc then PORTED to the ps3, and you can bet your ass it would have looked, ran and controlled better had it also been released on pc.

So again, for the slow people who continue to spout nonsense, THERE IS NEVER A PORT FROM CONSOLE TO PC, GAMES ARE ALWAYS MADE ON PC, THE PORTED DOWN TO CONSOLE!

lMHl2637d ago

What about battle front 2 that was made on a psp :)

Orpheus2637d ago

Yeah but the meaning of the terms r not literal ... console port implies the game was made wth the limitations of the consoles in mind ... nd not much was done to take advantage of the pcs.. but pc port means it was made to take advantage of the pc as much as possible then fiddled wth to run on consoles .....
If we want to use exact terms then we gotta coin a new term

hellerphant2637d ago

Sorry mate but you are wrong. When a game is created for a console it is done so on a PC you are correct, but it is created using the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT.

If they are making it for the Xbox 360 it is then made in the Xbox 360 SDK and they will then PORT it over to the other SDKs.

Your logic is not sound.

1PC2PS333602637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

how was that SDK made??

did they make it on a ps3, a 360, hmmmmm, nope they made it on pc!

most games are made using directx, opengl, c++, yada yada, all pc, all coded, programmed, scripted laid out on pc!

I agree, every game is made on pc, even iphone games, flash games, made on pc

you could say every game is a pc games, just gimped down to some platform also

and with emulation, you can play every console game on pc, even the "exclusives"

all those ps3 exclusives will be up for grabs on pc in a few years and actually run in HD