The Queen of XBOX: Girl-on-Girl Relations

Sometimes women can be tense amongst eachother. Where does this stem from ... and does it carry over to the world of gaming? How do these confrontations play out and just who is the Queen of XBOX?

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ViraGunn2634d ago

That's a prime example. My ovaries are sad.

r1sh122633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Theres videos all over youtube about girls arguing...
its not different to what boys/men do.
2 ways to avoid it, party chat or chat on friends only.
Thats not even the biggest problem, the stereotypical racial and national arguments are always happening.
Like I said MS have figured out how to stop it, mute, party chat and chat privacy.

MrSpace2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Oh god another "girl gamer" article trying to squeeze in things about how it's so "unfair" online.

The thing you have to grasp about online is that it's like a boys club, rude jokes, vile words, name calling, naming who's mam you have had sex with but really will always be this "boys club" online and if any girl feels offended then maybe you should stay offline. Everyone gets treat the same whether or not your male or female....the only difference is when a girl gets called they like to make articles about how unfair it is or go off on other "sexist" topics like how there isn't enough female devs, why female characters are always sexed up, too many male devs run the industry etc. At the end of the day gaming has always been targeted at men, right from the very start when games became more known and core. Look at the PS for example grey, bulky, ugly looking not something which would of appealed to girls at the time or even targeted at. I'm not saying there wasn't any girl gamers the...oh no that would be silly of me to say that I'm just pointing out the fact that there wasn't many as there is today and that's only because the Nintendo Wii, when it came out in 2006, made gaming more casual and mainstream.

You really shouldn't care what happens them back, problem solved. Don't like it then sorry but too bad.

jeeves862634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

lol you didn't read the article at all, did you? On top of that, a pretty stupid comment to make about what the fucking console looks like. Cuz girls are all about image, right? If it's in an ugly box, it doesn't matter what kind of awesome it has in it, does it, ladies? /s

whitezagetsu712633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

before social network, and web cams integration into consoles i dont remember many girls being proud to say they played games

WhiteLightning2633d ago

or fitness games, cook book games (not a joke, the DSi cook book thing), dance games, shovelware crap that's easy to play...etc

ViraGunn2633d ago

You need to read the article. I love being a female gamer! I love the female gamer friends I have. 90% of girl gamers are amazing and act sane.

However ... there's that 10% that wants to control men like puppies, defend "territory" from other girl gamers, and cause unnecessary issues. These girls are finding unhealthy validation through attention through multiplayer - MULTIPLAYER - of all things. No one should strive to be the Queen ( or King ) of XBOX.

jeeves862634d ago

The author didn't quite explain how this other woman was being snippy. I work in a place where everyone is "hon" and yeah, it gets annoying, but nothing to write home about.

This is why I don't use a mic online unless I'm with friends. Does it suck that I can't express myself like everyone else can for fear of reprisal? Sure, but it's better than hit on or harassed.

ViraGunn2633d ago

I can specify! She was demanding I run over to the other side of the map, was calling me 'sweetie and honey', and implied I didn't know how to the play the game. She also laughed constantly after these remarks, as if she perceived them as a joke to the chat which she didn't quite infer were people I knew.

When confronted with her behavior, she quickly said she had been talking to her boyfriend in the game -- I knew everyone in the game, so that was not true -- and then backed out.

But, aside from the details, female hostility - or hostility in multiplayer, in general - is unwarranted. Gaming should be about relaxing, unwinding, and having fun.

Septic2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I've recently had a sex change on Xbox Live.

On Mortal Kombat 9, in the King of the Hill game mode you can see your avatars. I'm quite good at the game with about 1000 wins and just under 200 losses and as a male I got hardly any respect points (awarded to you at the end of the game). With the removal of my avatar's y chromosome however, everything changed.

However, there are many negative repurcussions; I get inundated with messages and friend requests.

The positives: people cry, bitch and whine with such emotion because they can't fathom being beaten by a girl. It is brilliant.

NukaCola2633d ago

Walk around in PSHome as a girl...You'll get more attention than you want. Digital image of a girl and internet people go crazy..

f7897902633d ago

That's hilarious and pathetic.

whitezagetsu712633d ago

That title is very misleading

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