Could Battlefield 3 Finally Topple Modern Warfare?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Callum writes: With Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 both hitting shelves by the end of the year I think that it’s about time the issue was addressed. Will Battlefield finally topple Call of Duty? Over the past few years Call of Duty has become an unstoppable juggernaut of popularity whereas, although having a big following, Battlefield has always been far less popular on paper anyway. But is this lack of popularity without justification?

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rabidpancakeburglar2637d ago

No but it'll certainly make a sizeable dent

Dart892637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

^^This either way both games will end up in my house me and my other 2 bros are each getting our own BF3 copy and my lil bro is getting mw3.I tried convincing him to get bf3 but he's addicted to that cod crack :D.

Hufandpuf2637d ago

Notice that the "little brother" will buy MW3.

dredgewalker2637d ago

Not a problem for me. I used to think that BF3 should kill off COD but do you guys really want the majority of casual COD players playing BF3 running and gunning everywhere? As long as BF3 sells enough to be a success then I'm happy with that.

Lyr1c2637d ago

Stop making articles like this, and maybe companies will stop making generic titles to compete with COD.

I'm not saying Battlefield is one of them, but there are tons out there that are.

lMHl2637d ago

I like it, it makes the stakes higher so we get the best game possible

boooo your stuid

dragonyght2637d ago

no, non, net, nada, na, ne hell no lol please stop with the silliness COD didn't suddenly got this big overnight maybe they will get lucky with bf5 or that is sadness of reality

Takoulya2637d ago

"COD didn't suddenly got this big overnight"

Neither did BF

agentxk2637d ago

Well, even though they are the same genre, the games represent different types of gamers. MW is the pickup and play game that is tailored to the individual. Bf is the team based game that requires more strategy and cooperation

Xeserox2637d ago

BF being more team based could lead to it's downfall on the consoles, but make it better for the PC market.

Sadly we still have far to many people on the console that don't like to use their mics, or think they are rambo.

-Alpha2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I experience pretty decent teamwork on consoles for games like BC2, though the game has some limitations compared to the actual BF games. But the level of teamwork you find on the PC is unmatched. People are just more mature.

It doesn't help that features like commo rose, commander, etc. are being removed for the casual crowd either, so I suppose you can blame the COD crowd, or perhaps just DICE/EA for catering towards them

lMHl2637d ago

I dislike your face soo i gave you bad bubbles and disagreed with you.

theonlylolking2637d ago

How come some of you guys keep approving articles like this? We already have like 20 articles that are exactly like this one.

Ducky2637d ago

... but the question still haunts our minds day in and night out.

ndl15312637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

battlefield toppled mw a long time ago gameplay and quality wise but here its all about "teh sales" so mw is still gonna sell even if its a rehash of every last one before it . when you have casuals like ice T claiming mw is "deep" its laughable . because this guy is no gamer he thinks mw is the greatest $hit on earth and such is the case for many others. its just pick up and play crap nothing else.

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The story is too old to be commented.