A Storm is Brewing: Chris Donahue on How OnLive Will be King of The Cloud

We live in a digital age where the world's news is right at our fingertips, where we can listen to music or watch a movie without having to buy a DVD or download an entire track. However, for most gamers, they still have to go to the store to purchase a retail copy, or download a game that's several gigabytes. One of the biggest proponents of cloud gaming, OnLive, have already proved that if you have a strong internet connection you can play games online, instantly, without the need for an expensive gaming PC.

But OnLive still has a long way to go if they hope to become the Netflix of the games world, with far harder hurdles to conquer and far more challenges to overcome. To talk about the many, many challenges, their plans for non-gaming services, the future of consoles and much, much more, GameRevolution traveled to Brighton to chat to Chris Donahue, Director of Publisher Relations for OnLive at the Develop Conference.

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dbjj120882636d ago

Having tried OnLive, I'm interested in the service, but I'm hoping for a bit more stability.

That and I'll never feel like I "own" a game when it's in the cloud.

BigWoopMagazine2636d ago

ditto. If the title selection increases it could make for a good way to rent games, rather than what I do now waiting for gamefly in the mail all the time. I'd do that, it's basically what I do with netflix now cause I got sick of waiting.

Ducky2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

... just like you don't 'own' a movie on netflix?

It's all about disposable games now. Play 'em while they're hot then move on to whatevers next.

doctorstrange2636d ago

Just look at what netflix's done to the movie industry.

If these guys play their cards right, they could do the same.

Ares842636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Yet I buy movies on blu-ray regardless of having a membership at netflix. Most movies on netflix are garbage anyways there are a few good shows and a few good movies but 70% of the netflix content that is "on-demand" is garbage.

I still like to own movies. I love my blu-ray collection. There are movies that I want to OWN. And the ones I don't give two cents about I just watch on netflix. That and TV shows.

AS for onlive. I will never use it because I want to own my games.

ThanatosDMC2636d ago

^Not to mention movies and TV series do not remain permanently uploaded on Netflix. Just check out Survivorman. It only has 6 episodes left unlike how it had the whole three seasons it once had a few months ago.

L6RD7BLU32636d ago

"True" also Onlive is mostly 3rd party titles.

BattleAxe2636d ago

Wow, you must be some kind of genius...stupid.

ThanatosDMC2636d ago

With CPUs and GPUs becoming more and more cheaper, I disagree. We'll more than likely have hdtvs act more like our PCs before onlive becomes useable.

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Sev2636d ago

I think that whichever of the console manufacturers go strictly cloud first will win next gen. Cloud is definitely the way of the future.

Ducky2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Gives more or less complete control to the console manufacturer, while virtually eliminating the need for newer consoles... sounds like a winner.

Just have to wait until the network infrastructure catches on, as not everyone currently has the necessary requirements for such heavy internet usage.
... and then there's the bandwidth caps.

Ares842636d ago

It will be a VERY VERY long time till this can actually work.

I think there will be consoles for many years yet to come. Not everyone has an internet connection and many people want to own their games. I even wish that they would make PSN games available on blu-ray disks in collections just so I can actually OWN them.

alexcosborn2636d ago

It's definitely the way the industry is headed, though I'm not sure we'll make the transition as soon as everyone thinks

Jakev52532636d ago

I'm tried the service for the first time yesterday and so far i'm liking it, although it lags at times. if anyone wants to try it out here is a promo code for a month of the playpack bundle for a $1


put the code in the redeem code box on the confirm payment page

WooHooAlex2636d ago

They'll be king of the cloud until Sony, Microsoft and Steam enter that race.

doctorstrange2636d ago

On how long those guys decide to wait

WooHooAlex2636d ago

True, I'd imagine by the time the next console generation rolls around.

doctorstrange2636d ago

But Sony/MS might be too scared to disrupt their core business, and end up missing out on the next big thing.

L6RD7BLU32636d ago

Ladies and gentlemen mister "BATTLEAXE" likes to reply to obvious shit, watch out he must be working for the grammar officers lol.

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