Paper Mario 3DS: The End Of The Mario & Luigi Series? (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): As Nintendo fans, we can't help but think that the upcoming Paper Mario 3DS is, well, strange.

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chadachada1232633d ago

I disagree with the article. Having Paper Mario, a fun RPG about a 2-dimensional Mario in a 3-dimensional world, is essentially the type of game that the 3DS is built around: toying with spacial gameplay in a fun way.

On top of that, I think it fantastic that the Paper Mario series is moving onto a handheld system, allowing gamers to take it on the go. They could very easily make another Mario & Luigi game on the 3DS as well, and just might if sales for Paper Mario 3DS are high enough.

Venox20082633d ago

actually I don't care if it's paper mario or mario & luigi series.. all I care, that they are ones of the best & most fun turn based adventure RPGs for me.. with good and funny stories.. I hope that those series wouldn't dissapear in future, because I love them..

Buff10442632d ago

Good point. So long as the games are good, consumers benefit.