Why Online Passes Are The Wrong Approach

*This opinion piece does not represent Gamers Leak's view on the matter, it is the opinion of the writer who wrote it.* Gamers Leak: There are many gamers, including myself, that have had it up to their eyeballs with online passes. Many blame Electronic Arts for introducing this and while they did make it mainstream, from my understanding, online passes have existed as early as White Knight Chronicles on the PlayStation 3.

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thebudgetgamer2633d ago

i'm not to upset about the online passes as i am the idea of games being locked to one console.

Letros2632d ago

Even console games can't escape the industries draconian DRM.

Tazz2632d ago

But you know what sucks? When you have a big family and only one gamertag in the household can play Mortal Kombat online.

JellyJelly2632d ago

That's just wrong. You should at least be able to assign a certain amount of gamertags to your console so that all of them can use online. I also think the online passes are just flat out greedy.

catguykyou2632d ago

I thought they were locked to an online profile, not console. The idea is that your profile/id is locked to the pass, like dlc or and arcade/psn game.

Also, used game retailers have already lowered the price of games that use these passes to compensate for what the gamer would need to pay to play online.

This method is probably the best most unobtrusive way of getting a cut of used game sales which developers and publishers see nothing from but still have to support because of maintaining servers.

Dart892633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Let them have this it will eventually come back and bite them in the @$$ after people refuse to buy their games do to the online passes.Then hopefully they'll open they're eyes.

@Yi yea it seems gaming is going down to a hell hole.Is it to much if i wish for a video game market crash like the one in 1983??After all they need us more than we need them.

Yi-Long2633d ago

... the problem is that most gaming customers actually don';t frequent sites like these where they find out about this kinda info before they decide to buy it...

... so they just find out when they get home, they find their code in their case, frown a bit, enter the code, and don't really give it a second thought...

... until someone else in the family wants to play online with their own account, or they want to play the game at a friend's house, or loan it out, or sell it, or whatever...

... only then will the realise what's up...

... but even after all that happens, they probably still won't start turning up at sites like these to get informed, so they'll keep getting duped.

Personally ofcourse, as with DLC-milking/scamming, I will just boycot these games as much as I possibly can.

denero12632d ago

it truly is sad they can't play the victim then turn around and make half finished games with hours worth of dlc that should have been in the game to begin with greedy devs are going to hurt the industry -_-

thetest2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

What is this BS? PC gamers have NEVER complained about Steam and actually OWNING the games you bought. You CANNOT give it away. It's being cheap.

Ranshak2632d ago

PC gamers get games alot cheaper too. Personally buy most of my games during steam discounts, Most new games cost about 10-15usd, its a luxury console gamers dont have.

Console gamers most of the time have to pay premium prices for their games, you barely see console games below 40usd even after being out for months. Hence i do agree this is abit harsh on them.

Vega752632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

These article are kind of pointless. People are not going to boycott these companies and these games. So more and more publisher and dev's will continue to do this and use the excuse that use games sells are hurting them. So let move on and stop complaining about this if we as consumers are not going to do anything about it.

I'm not supporting any dev or pub that uses this method and will continue to buy whatever game weather it be new or used.

Tazz2632d ago

Our author clearly stated that "I do not wish to encourage boycotts". This article is an opinion piece, so while it may be pointless to you, other people enjoy reading the opinions of other fellow gamers.

Vega752632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

you could read all these articles and opinion peices you want until your blue in the face. it's not going to change anything unless people stop buying these games and take a stand. i see more people on this and many other site say dev's and publishers are hurting because of used games. but publisher turn around and post millions in profit because of the online pass.

i don't support the online pass. but i'm not going to go into every thread to say the samething knowing that i'm just one person and many other have already excepted the pass as a good thing when it's not. i agree with a lot of gamers who voiced their opinion on the matter. but how many of them will turn around and buy these games which defeats the puppose of boitching and moaning.

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