Ice-T And Body Count's Gears Of War 3 Music Video For Horde 2.0

Epic has released a new gameplay video for Gears of War 3's Horde Mode 2.0. The video isn't just a trailer for the badass and over-the-top action featured in Gears 3, it's also a music video of sorts for Body Count's new track called "The Gears of War." The song will be featured on the Gears 3 official soundtrack when it's released on September 20, 2011.

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hamoor2638d ago

20 september 2011


gamingdroid2638d ago

I cannot wait for this game! Gonna rock out on Gears 2 while I wait....

StanLee2638d ago

Horde 2.0 looks fucking insane!

Inside_out2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

What else can you say about this for the ages. Where were you when Gears of war 3 launched. :D

Microsoft should just buy Epic and be done with it.

air12638d ago

I have no clue why they don't buy epic, if ms can buy skype for that amount I'm sure they can afford epic. I just wonder how serious ms is for the long haul not just xbox 3 but 4 and 5 do they just plan on relying heavily on 3rd party for ever? Assuming they plan on making other consoles, in any form meaning cloud gaming DD.

omi25p2638d ago

I have a strange feeling that microsoft want full rights to the unreal engine if they buy epic, So epic dont want to sell because then the unreal engine would be a platform exclusive rather than multiplatform.

user83971442638d ago

Ice T is a rapper? say whaaat!

Da One2638d ago

Doesn't sound that bad.....suprised at his age he can still rap with some energy

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