Dota 2 Appears in Steam Store, Beta coming in the Fall

Most people following Dota 2 already knew the AppID steam is using for Dota 2. Up until now, putting that in a browser lead no where.

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smurfee2639d ago

I hope they don't make you buy characters like they do in lol.

ATi_Elite2639d ago

Oh boy the quicker this comes out the closer we are to the Holy Grail of video games.....Episode 3!!!

Ducky2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

... they can still drag out AlienSwarm2.... then they'll be out of IPs and will be forced to make a third installment of something.

ATi_Elite2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Alien Swarm and Ricochet are Valves last remaining I.P.s that don't have a number 2 or a Source behind them. (almost forgot about Day of Defeat Source)

For our sake hopefully we finally get a Valve game with a 3 after it but not Left 4 Dead or Portal. :)

valvenews2638d ago

To the person above me (I dont know why I can't reply to you)

Alien swarm uses the Source engine.

StayStatic2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

This worth getting into ?

Avoiding the Warcraft franchise so don't wanna buy the first for to get the Dota Mod , /spit wow lol & the better i got at Starcraft 2 the more it bored me.

Maybe i should give it another shot ...

HAF9122638d ago

def worth it. try HON or LOL both free. dota 2 will be in the same genre.

pc gamers rejoice!

Grip2638d ago

never play the first one, but in Valve I trust

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