Xbox 360 HDMI Cable Will Sell For $99

The good news for Xbox 360 owners is that somebody up there must have been listening; there's finally an HDMI cable available for pre-order. The bad news is that it's going to cost $99.

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Marriot VP5869d ago

haha, I told you guys you could use their fancy rear port for more than component and av cables. HDMI was possible all along, in yo face

AllroundGamer5869d ago

so 99$ for a cable + 200$ for a HD-DVD drive, and they should make a external MS card reader to make it comparative with a PS3 :) hmm but together it will cost more than a PS3 premium...

Marriot VP5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

you really think people want a PS3 premium. If it wasn't for the 60gb drive the majority of people wouldn't bother. Microsoft gives you a choice, and Sony definately doesn't. The choice is going to cost you a little extra, booohooo. It's incomparable because it's not standard. If you want all those fancy expensive and unessesary things than get a PS3 premium. There's only a few of you out there comparably with the rest of the market. Also you can't compare a PS3 premium HDMI to the 360's cause nobody's gonna use it. Only a handful of uber techies and people who think it actually matters. Also how many PS3 games 1080p, one remake of an old game, yah that's worth it.

Also if you guys didn't know component is more than capable of 1080p, it's just that most HDTV's out today aren't programmed for it. And even though sony invented HDMI others can use it because of this.

USMChardcharger5869d ago

sorry to tell you this but the PS3 (600.00 version) is not shipping with the cable either

frostbite065869d ago

Exactly. Your an idiot allaround. Its gona cost the same to get the cable for your ps3 so it looks like you loose again and the 360 retains the title

BIadestarX5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

Sucks! Damn it! grrr! Not now! why?! Sony Fanboys are running out of things to say against the XBox 360. I can't imagine a day without them doing that!
I would like to point that; the main difference between Microsoft and Sony is, Sony leads people to believe they will be giving you something and then take it away (i.e. 2 hdmi, gui speed, etc) and Microsoft lead you to believe they will not be giving something and then surprise you with it. I'm sure Sony fanboys didn't see this coming. again....

bung tickler5869d ago

this doesnt seem to be an offical MS cable its probably a monster cable so that could explain the high cost... considering that the monster cables norm cost 2x as much the MS should prob be about $50, and im sure some other 3rd party will prob make one for about $20. I expect an update to the dashboard as well to support this im guessing that is why no 3rd parties have gone and done this already.

PS360PCROCKS5869d ago

This is good and I was going to say the same thing, it's probably a monster cable cause their so expensive always

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The story is too old to be commented.