Top 10: TV shows that would make rubbish games

Pro-G writes: "Inspired by the recent Internet rumour that Eidos has snapped up the rights to develop an Eastenders game, we thought we'd compile Pro-G's Top 10: TV shows that would make rubbish games."

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iilluminate3999d ago

Suffice to say most TV shows should stay where they are and not venture into our consoles.

Eastenders is probably going to be one of the worst games ever if they give you missions involing Mark Fowler trying to sell all the apples before Peggy gives you an ear bashing.

The only hope they have is if they allow people to set up their own episodes, write the script and share them with others. That model would work with most TV shows.

waldopepper3999d ago

I dunno, Eastenders sandbox game where you have to make as much money as possible could be interesting - either get a job, wheeling and dealing or just plain dirty crime.

If a Friends game came out where you could bludgeon the characters to death with a variety of objects then I would buy that too.

My ideas for bad games from TV shows:

* Wombles - slowly wandering around Wimbeldon common picking up litter for points

* Big Brother - like the show, in real time so you spend many hours just snoozing in the sun or talking about pointless subjects. The voice-acting would take up so much room that it would be the first game that actually needed BlueRays storage space. Also the textures would need to be good because you would spend most of the day staring at objects close-up.

* Lost - released as several different downloadable episodes (made of course by EA) where you would get to almost the end then it would say 'to be continued' just as you were about to finish the damn thing.

* MASH - you have to maintain a balance between saving lives making dry sarcastic comments using a new patented 'sarcometer'. Once you complete the game you can play it again with canned audience laughter.

* Americas Funniest Home Videos - basically like Skate but with several different vehicles: bike, rollerblades and also wedding missions. You have to make the funniest situations look real by crashing and falling over realistically. Bonus for setting fire to your hair etc. Upload your best videos that are viewable on YouTube.

* DOG The Bounty Hunter - the actually taking down of criminals only lasts seconds but you spend hours and hours building up to the event by listing their criminal past, violent tendencies, deciding what to wear.. and also constantly preaching about how they can turn their lives around and telling them 'this is the moment'. Also holding hands and praying with a GuitarHero like interface to make the best possible prayer.

* Desperate Housewives

Itachi3999d ago

Phil and Grant = Kyne and lynch

Eastenders game could work

jinn3999d ago

Full House, Desperate Housewives, Conan O Brien show, Larry King Live