Jade Raymond In Green And White Striped Bikini

The Rumor: martin85 over at Forums writes, "so my friend is working as an intern editor at maxim and he says that jade will grace the cover of december's issue which will feature "girls of gaming"! she will also have her own spread showing her in a green an white striped bikini in an exotic local (montreal). it will also feature other hot women in the gaming industry as well as competitive gaming. man i can't fricken wait! i haven't jacked to still images since 1999!"

The Smash: Last night at the Assassin's Creed shindig, producer Jade Raymond personally told Guest Editor Geoff Keighley that those rumors were totally untrue and that she's never do something like that. She actually seemed somewhat offended people thought she would. Ubisoft PR got so many inquiries about it almost had to issue and official statement. So, while this rumor so smashed, please don't rule out Creative Director Patrice Desilets' Maxim spread!

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WilliamRLBaker4049d ago

Shes even hotter to me now!!!
A hot women that has morals and ethics? my god thats hot! shes got it all hotness, a brain, ethics.....I hate maxim magazine, FHM...ect because all they are are look these women will be sluts for us, and so many women I thought we're moral appear in those pages....


Bolts4049d ago

Excuse me? So you don't like the "slutty" chicks in Maxim huh? Okay...

It has nothing to do with brains, Jade just doesn't have the body type for a bikini. She's more of the Keira Knightly type.

Fuzz McDeath4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

...Jade Raymond is a regular girl who just happens to have a somewhat high profile job in an industry with a rabid fanbase. She's not a celebrity, nor a media personality (like, say, Olivia Munn of G4 who has posed in swimwear).

I know many beautiful women, from classic beauties like Jade to total pornstar hotties like many maxim models (trust me, there is a difference between "beautiful" and "hot"). Almost none of them would be extroverted enough to pose in a bikini for a nationally distributed magazine. Most people just aren't into that. It seems that Jade Raymond falls into that category.

Shoot, I could even name some freaks who do the craziest sh!t around friends or in smaller groups who STILL would never act that way for a magazine with a million readers. Sheesh.

coolfool4049d ago

Saying the exact colour of the bikini is quite specifc......

green_ghost54049d ago

Some people have quite an imagination.

That was funny, when they said about Patrice. lol.

BrianC62344049d ago

Isn't it obvious the rumor was started by some dweeb 360 fanboy? Green and white?

Systematrix4049d ago

Would've been nice. And "i haven't jacked to still images since 1999!" is the quote of the year...LMAO!!

predator4049d ago

6 comments, not gaming news, and it gets this many degrees, whats up with that?

IGNFTW4049d ago


predator4049d ago

yeah but if you go outside theres loads of good looking chicks

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