Eidos: Xmas "crucial for Wii's longevity"

Julien Merceron, Eidos' chief technology officer, has said in an interview that this Christmas could be a major factor in the long-term success of Nintendo's Wii console. Merceron said if games from third-party publishers don't sell well enough then it may lead to a dive in support for the console.

"Either third-party developers and publishers will make money on the Wii platform, or they won't - and if most of them don't, I think we'll see a big drop in support for the Wii next year, which could have some consequences for Nintendo, and very positive ones for Microsoft and Sony," Merceron said.

"I think that the success of the Wii from the different publishers is going to be the determining point this Christmas…if you can't make money at Christmas on the best platform out there, then you have no chance all year long " Merceron added

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Vizion264001d ago

Contrary what many people say (mostly fanboys), third party software does and will sell on the Wii if it is high quality. Capcom (Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition) and Ubisoft (Rayman and Red Steel) have made a lot of money on the Wii. Trauma Center, made by a small third party, I believe sold over a million copies.

If the game is good it will sale, plain and simple. Third parties shouldn't expect to sell a lot if the game is shovelware and/or a piece of garbage.

On another note, many Wii games have long legs but don't tend to sell with Halo-like numbers in the first few weeks. Many top selling Wii games have sold decently across a long time span.