Kotaku: Where in Japan did the 360 Bundle Sell Out?

Kotaku reports:

"Keep in mind that this is one store in one enormous Japanese city. Onward! French DSliteblog takes a break from its regular DS postings to bring word that retailer Yamada Denki in south Osaka has sold out of the limited edition ¥34,800 (US $302) bundle. The tag on the glass case says "kanbai shimashita," and that means SOLD OUT as of yesterday. (The bundle went on sale November 1.) Besides the console, the pack also includes copies of Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Piñata. A slight, slight, slight glimmer of hope for Microsoft's chances in The Land of the Rising Sun. Gotta favor: Can somebody check and see if hell has frozen over? Thanks."

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Bladestar4050d ago

lol.. don't go crying now...

TANOD4050d ago

This is x360 sales last week. DO u still believe the article

Hardware - This Week | Last Week | YTD | LTD
4. PS3 - 18,785 | 17,130 | 771,210 | 1,228,768
5. PS2 - 11,698 | 10,281 | 639,521 | 20,794,380
6. 360 - 3,718 | 3,011 | 165,226 | 429,928

ps3 : x360 = 6:1
wii: x360 = 9:1

Danja4050d ago

wow how many consoles did they ship to each store this time..15...?? nothing here to cry bout...

ruibing4049d ago

I think the retailers just didn't expect Ace Combat 6 to entice new system buyers so didn't have many in stock. Saying a large store in Japan has sold out does not say much at all.

That's like a soldier in battle running out of bullets because he didn't pack enough, and then the enemy takes that to mean the entire army has run out of ammunition so begins to dictate the terms of surrender over the loudspeaker.

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WilliamRLBaker4049d ago

tanod thats not really something to be proud of...since the wii by those numbers is selling what 2:1? 3:1? over ps3? lol

artman4049d ago

been around NZ in 2 weeks, and went to games shops... all I see is red light on the demo 360.
And no body fix that.

ravinash4049d ago

What? our display 360s are worries mate, she'll be right!

lockload4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

@TANOD - This week the 360 has outsold the PS3 its been confirmed to me unoffically ...yes hell has frozen over

Ace combat also sold 80,000 copies

AngryTypingGuy4049d ago

WHAT?!? That is awesome if true. Is there a link that we can go to to see for ourselves, or do we have to wait for VGcharts to publish it?

TheMART4049d ago

360 sold 16000 to 17000 this week, a little more then the PS3.

Ace Combat 6 does the trick, Japanese love that game. If MS succeeds in picking up games like that (exclusive) we might see a magical turnaround. Imagine what happens if MGS4 and FFXIII would be announced for the 360 and it stays the only platform for Ace Combat 6 and gets the game Lost Odyssey.

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